Voluntary Framework of Accountability Presented by Lisa Muilenburg & Sandra Ochoa

It was important that community colleges come together and make sure that there was a common set of measures that would add value to our institutions that would help us “tell our story”.

Transformation Agenda

Reclaiming the American Dream

September 29, 2008

  • Overview of need:

“Existing accountability measures in higher education do not adequately measure the unique mission of community colleges”

(AACC, 2017, “About VFA” )





Multi-phase Initiative

Stage 1: Planning

Stage 2: Metrics

Stage 3: Development of VFA System and Data Tool

Association of Community College Trustees
The College Board
Illinois' Ivy Tech Community College

Lumina & Gates Foundations

“The $1 million, two-year program aims to establish a set of common performance measurements that will increase college completion rates in tandem with institutional quality”

(Murray & Ullman, 2010, pp. 24-25).

8/20/ *40 Pilot Colleges

  • Community Colleges
  • Students/Parents
  • Federal & State Policymakers
  • Associated Agencies:

Phi Theta Kappa

National Governors Association

Center for Community College Student Engagement

League for Innovation in the Community College

National Institute for staff and Organizational Development

(AACC, 2012; Davis, 2012)

alignment with accountabilty models

  1. IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Data System)
  2. SAM: Student Achievement Measures
  3. Aspen Prize Metrics
Focus on Learning and Completion

deliberate -- Thoughtful --Inclusive

vFA Metrix Manual



Developmental Educational Progress

2 - years

6 - years

Career & Technical Education Measures

Adult Basic Education Measures

  • Developmental Education
  • Persistence
  • Accrual of Credit Hours
  • Additonal Benchmaks
  1. Tracking data for every student.
  2. Making sure students are reaching their completion goals.
  3. Identifying points of intervention before students are lost.
(Boerner, 2015; Stout, 2013)

Short-term & Long Term Outcomes

Community Workforce








10 Texas VFA Colleges

  1. Alvin CC
  2. Austin CC District
  3. Brookhaven College (Dallas)
  4. Cedar Valley College (Lancaster)
  5. El Centro College (Dallas)
  6. Moutanin View College (Dallas)
  7. Paris Junior College
  8. San Jacinto College District (Pasadena)

Lone Star college System

Tyler Junior College

Accountability Debate

“‘I look at the VFA locally as a catalyst to building my understanding of the institution to focus on governance, and nationally as a catalyst for understanding our areas of opportunity for the future.’”

Dr. Karen Stout, President and CEO of Achieving the Dream, Inc.

(Toner, 2016, p. 12)
VFA Measures: 1. Accurately Gauge Performance 2. Provide Trustworthy Data

AACC President Dr. Bumphus wrote:

"’[The VFA's] measures are designed to reflect the full breadth of the community college mission and the diversity of students' goals and educational experiences’"

(Josh, 2014, p. 58)

"The VFA is a tool, not an answer" -- Kent Phillippe AACC Associate Vice President for Research and Student Success

Boerner, 2015
* * * * * * * * *


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