Professor David Harvey, Professor Diane Elson, the Panel discussion on Agrarian Questions: Then And Now with Professor Barbara Harriss-White, Professor Henry Bernstein, Professor Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Chaired by Dr. Jens Lerche, Professor Jayati Ghosh, Professor John Weeks, Professor Anwar Shaikh, Dr. Zoë Marriage

Anwar Shaikh on 'Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises'

Jayati Ghosh, Erik Reinert, Rainer Kattel on 'Demolishing Neoliberal Development Myths'

Diane Elson on 'Economic Inequality and Gender Inequality'

Alessandra Mezzadri on 'The Sweatshop Regime: Labouring Bodies, Exploitation and Garments Made in India’

Johnna Montgomerie on 'Is Debt Write-off a Viable Solution to the Crisis of Financialisation?'

Kavita Krishnan on 'Power and Patriarchy in India: How State-led Women's Empowerment Undermines Women's Movements'

Stephanie Barrientos on 'Retail Shift: Transforming Work and Gender in Global Production'

Barbara Harriss-White, Terry Byres, Henry Bernstein, and Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, on 'Agrarian Questions Then and Now'

Professor Barbara Harriss-White, Dr. Johnna Montgomerie with Joanne Tomkinson and Professor Ben Fine, Dr Genevieve LeBaron with Nithya Natarajan and Professor Alfredo Saad Filho, Professor Gilbert Achcar, Dr. Matthew Eagleton-Pierce, Panel discussion on The Russian Revolution and Global Development with Tariq Ali, Professor Tamás Krausz and Mihaly Koltaiand and Professor August Nimtz, Chaired by Dr. Feyzi Ismail
On average 154 people attended each of the 16 seminars
Professor Henry Bernstein, Professor Stephanie Barrientos, Professor Erik S. Reinert, Dr. Benjamin Selwyn with Dr. Feyzi Ismail and Dr. Kalpana Wilson, Professor Peter Mollinga and Professor Henry Bernstein, Dr Irene Gedalof with Nithya Natarajan, Professor Rainer Kattel, Dr. Liam Campling, Dr. Alejandro Colás

Gilbert Achcar, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and James Putzel on 'Development in Crisis: States, Conflicts, Refugees'

Anastasia Nesvetailova on 'The Russian Crisis and Global Geopolitics: Dilemmas of Authoritarian Rule'

Genevieve LeBaron on 'Combatting the Business of Forced Labour in Global Supply Chains’

Andreas Malm on 'Violent Past, Hot Present, Extreme Future: Episodes of Fossil Imperialism and Climate Change in Egypt, India and Nigeria’

David Harvey on 'Anti-Value in Marx’

Ben Selwyn on 'The Struggle for Development'

Alex Colas and Liam Campling on 'Capitalism and the Sea: Sovereignty, Territory and Accumulation in the Global Ocean'

Tariq Ali, August Nimtz and Tamas Krausz on 'The Russian Revolution and Global Development: Lessons from the First Hundred Years'

The most number of people who attended an individual seminar: 450

Professor Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Professor Alfredo Saad Filho, Professor Costas Lapavitsas, Dr. Feyzi Ismail, Professor Naila Kabeer with Joanne Tomkinson, Dr. Andreas Malm with Dr. Feyzi Ismail and Dr. Richard Axelby, Professor Anastasia Nesvetailova, Kavita Krishnan, Dr Alpa Shah, Dr. Liam Campling with Joanne Tomkinson, Dr. Alejandro Colás and Juan Grigera
Baroness Valerie Amos
Professor Alfredo Saad Filho, Professor August Nimtz , Professor James Putzel, Dr. Andreas Malm, Dr. Alessandra Mezzadri, Professor Diane Elson with Nithya Natarajan and Dr. Irene Gedalof, Dr. Michael Jennings, Dr. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

Thank you for making the SOAS Development Studies Seminar a great success! -The seminar organising committee Feyzi Ismail, Joanne Tomkinson, Nithya Natarajan, Alfredo Saad-Filho, Carolina Alves and Jai Bhatia


Jai Bhatia, and special thanks to Jim Aindow and Manuel Neumann

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