Dawn A syrian landscape by Andy Finlay

The war in Syria started in 2011.

Currently over half the population has fled the country.

There are over 4 million refugees.

What is left is ruins covered in concrete dust

As one of my parchment paintings, this painting is part of a series of works documenting changing urban landscapes caused by decay, demolition, regeneration, construction and overdevelopment. This painting was driven by the emotion from the images of Syrian towns and cities destroyed by the bombing and the fleeing of their populations.

The scene is painted using just titanium white oil paint on raw canvas. The canvas is nailed to a hand made timber frame reminiscent of the type used when making temporary shelters after disasters. The application of dry concrete powder directly onto the oil paint and canvas allowed the dust to fall and land in the textures of the paint and the creases in the canvas, in the same way the concrete dust settled onto the city after the bombings.

What is left is ruins covered in concrete dust

'Dawn' Oil and concrete on canvas 220cm x 98cms Andy Finlay 2017

For sales enquiries and where to view this painting please contact the artist:

Email studio@andyfinlay.co.uk

Call 07709 353 740

Prime Studios, Lemonade Gallery, Alma Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 3HR


Created By
Andy Finlay

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