The Story of John Buford by seth roberts

Page 1.) john buford

John Buford Jr.

Page 2.) the birth place of john buford

John Buford Jr, was born on March 4, 1826, in Woodford County,Kentucky

Page 3.) early years

John Buford had four siblings; three brothers - Napoleon Bonaparte Buford, Thomas Jefferson Buford, and James Monroe Buford; and one sister, Helen Buford.

page 4.) early years

John Buford attended Knox college in Galesburg, Illinois for one year, John Buford then attend the u.s. military academy at West Point, New York and graduated in the middle of his class in 1848


John Buford suffered 1,200 casualties or 1/3 of his division.

page 6.) things that made this person important

John Buford was a captain in the 2nd Dragoon Regiment, but was soon promoted to major on November 12, 1861


The battle of Gettysburg is where John Buford became famous,

page 8.) facts about how this person contributed/impacted AMERICAN history

in 1863, in the Battle of Gettysburg. John Buford had gained the greatest fame by contributing in the Civil war and fighting off and stopping Northern Virginia from invading, thus becoming the backbone to the union in the Civil war.

page 9.) what i admire/ like about him most and why

i admire how courageous he is and how even though he wasn't the strongest or the smartest he still gave 100% and contributed to the history that we learn about toady

page 10.) work cited

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