Belief Behind The Build Religious places of worship and their architecture

Jokhang Temple

Day 1: I arrived in Lhasa in the Tibetan part of China and visited Jokhang Temple. There were lots of little statues on the roofs of the buildings and the roofs themselves were like angled roofs in America but curved out on the ends in the same way as other buildings in Asian countries. Other than the roof the architecture was similar to typical buildings but was full of art and plants and little statues. Several Buddhist followers come here every year and can worship in many different areas. The temple also held many Buddhist artifacts and scriptures.

Brihadeeswarar Temple

Day 5: Today I visited Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tamil Nadu, India. Its architecture is very interesting. The bottom most part looks kind of Greek with the square shape and pillars. The middle looks like a really narrow pyramid and the top has a dome. It is very ancient looking and was full of people wanting to see it. It is a very important temple to Hindus. The temple is dedicated to a hindu god causing many hindu tourists to visit the site. It is in a very peacful area and looks really cool lit up at night.

Dome of the Rock

Day 10: Today I visited the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The architecture is interesting. Obviously it has a dome thats really hard to miss and is one of the most noticeable features when looking down at Jerusalem. The dome seems to be one of the biggest and brightest in the whole city and sits upon a octagon shaped building. Not only is this one of the most popular tourist sites for muslims and even some other tourists who aren't but it is also one of the oldest works of Islamic architecture making it even more important to the muslims.

Jubilee Synagogue

Day 15: One of the most colorful buildings I saw was Jubilee Synagogue in Prague, Czech Republic. The architecture includes several over exaggerated arches and pillars at the front. It also sports two towers on each end. The colors are very bright and catch your eye immediately. Inside I saw many more arches and pillars with fany decorative work on their tops. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and it is very bright inside. The synagogue is open to tourists and worshippers and was only ever closed to this under nazi occupation during world war II. The synagogue interestingly sits on Jerusalem street connecting it back to the contested country.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Day 20: The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France was awe inspiring. Two massive rectangular towers sit high above the ground and another tower shaped like a cone sits in the back. Much more of a boxy design compared to the curves of muslim structures. A massive hall lined with pews is waiting inside and the roof seems extemely high. Large circular windows can been seen on several sides of the building. The building also contains many Christian relics and art making it a hot spot for Christian travellers.


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