Rosa parks Seth dulla and jason Cain

Obstacles faced

1.she had to over come personal and financial hardships as a result of her diffidence to segregated bus seating

2. She faced racism becuse of white people were able to tell her to get out of the seat

3. She faced being bosses around by the white people

4. She had to deal with giving up her seat everyday for whites

5. Parks suffered financial hardships when her white employees fired her

Personal qualities

1. Her perseverance led to positive change for not only blacks, but for all humans.

2. She stood up for humanity.

3. She proved that one person can make a difference.

4. She was a African American.

5. She was very determined.

6. She had two very important characteristics-intelligence and determination.

7. She had courage and determination that led to her fame.

Significant Contributions

1. Rosa Parks is known today as the "The Mother Of The Civil Rights Moment" because of her arrest for refusing to give up her bus seat.

2. Rosa Parks was a women who lived in a time when there was a lot of segregation in the United States.

3. Rosa Parks is famous as the women who is said to have started the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama in 1955.

4. Bye her refusing to give up her seat it would become a focal point to end segregation in the South.

5. Rosa Parks was a brave , confident women who fought for what she believed in throughout her entire life

Time line

1. February 4 1913 Rosa parks was born

2. Dec 18 1932 Rosa parks marries Raymond parks

3. 1943 Rosa parks first incident on segregated bus

4. Dec 1943 Rosa parks joins naacp and becomes active in a civil rights movement

5. Dec 1, 1955 to dec 20, 1956 Montgomery bus boycott

6. Dec 1, 1955 Rosa parks refuses to give up her seat

7. She died October 24 2005

8. April 30 - may 23, 2001 filming of "the Rosa parks story" CBS television movie

9. 2005, oct 24 Rosa parks dies on her way home

10. 2005 November 2, Rosa parks funeral service seven hours long, it was held at the greater grace temple church.

Rosa parks Quote

I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear."

~ - Rosa Parks

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