Future Forces Alessandro Ricci

Forces in the future might be very different than what we use now. If we still use magnetic force in the future here are some inventions I think will be used with magnetic force. But first we have to know:

What's a magnet and how does it work?

A magnet is an object (usually a metal) that gives off an external magnetic field. A magnetic field is a field that any iron, nickel, and cobalt get attracted to the magnet if within the field. If you cut a magnet in half the magnet doesn't end up with one north and one south the two pieces each become magnets themselves. There are different types of magnets: Permanent magnets never lose their magnetism. There are ferromagnetic magnets that are able to create and keep an alignment of their atoms. Since many atoms have a tiny magnetic field, all of the moments all together create a magnet. Now let's go see my inventions.

1. Teleporters

I think that maybe in the future we will have invented teleporters and they use magnets. Maybe in the future they have invented specialized magnets that only react to certain other magnets. I watched a video that showed magnets that were created in a certain shape and norths and south moved specifically so that the magnets repelled each other but if you twisted them they would snap together. The video is in the citations. So maybe when you step through the teleporter you are whisked away to the other magnet they don't get attracted to other magnets because it's special. Since they are firmly rooted in place they attract but cannot touch so one takes you to the other. I read that electricity generators have copper wired coiled up in a circle with a hole in it (creating a magnet) and there is another magnet in the hole spinning really fast so it generates electricity. Maybe in the sides the coil is aligned in a certain way to teleport you to another teleporter with the same alignment. But they shouldn't make three teleporters with the same alignment because you would be split in two and die. Maybe criminal activity in the future will involve finding the alignment in a teleporter. The stuff in the middle will expand the iron in your blood for enough time to teleport you to the other magnet which is instantaneous so that it won't kill you. That is how I think magnets could be used in teleporters.

2. Magnetic Contact Lenses

I think that maybe in the future contact lenses will be used to make objects levitate. I think they will be controlled by voice. For example: "Bring that cup to me" and it will bring it to you and you say. "I got it." It will stop the magnetic force. You will put magnets on the 2 points on both sides for the center of mass (unless it's a cup it has to stay upright in which case there will be three for stabilization) and the contact lenses will connect to these magnets. Since I mentioned in the teleporter idea, the magnets are specialized. When you say what you want to move you activate the specific magnet. There can also be special ones that are real contact lenses and actually help you see so that is a double plus. That would really help me. And there could be some contact lenses that only work to a specific voice or voices. The bad thing that could come out from this product is that people will become lazy and won't move at all and when they have to they won't be able to. What would they do when the contacts break and they can't afford another pair? This is kind of a two in one drawing because te TV is using magnets to levitate. That is how I think magnets could be used in contact lenses.

3. Floating cars

I think that in the close future we will have cars that float using magnets. (I mean we already have maglev trains. It's about time. But I mean we will have to change all our roads and that would be inconvenient). But if we did the bottom of the car could have magnets and the road would have magnets so they would repel that way it could stay floating. I think that it would make self driving cars a lot easier because the magnets arrange themselves in a fashion that they would bring you to your destination. This is also a kind of two in one picture because the Social Media sign is suspended by magnets.

4. Floating Island

In the future I think that floating islands in the future might use magnets. I don't know why we would need floating islands but because of overpopulation and overexcited inventors you never know. Maybe they could put magnets under the ground so the island would repel. I put all the wireless things in the air like cloud and airplane mode and Bluetooth and airdrop centers because it matches what they are intended for and do very good decor for the island. Maybe people can use mini islands as modes of transport and because of specialized magnets (as I mentioned in the Teleporter and Contact Lenses ideas)beneath the normal magnets each little cubicle can have it's own specialized magnet. They could move around and the cubicle would move with it. Maybe people can invent untrackable specialized magnets for safety. Like the president and other important people can have their own little (but probably big, like a house/mansion)cubicle zooming around the earth. And there could be some used for housing and stuff like that. Maybe there could be the last greenery on the planet (hey you never know) zooming around the earth at hundreds of miles per hour. That is how I think magnets in the future could be used to make floating islands.

Thanks for Watching!!

(I hope you weren't like this the whole time)


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