Ariel Jankord Elementary Education

Students remember

20% of what they hear,

30% of what they see and

90% of what they do!

From 4th grade to 1st grade; from suburban to inner city; seeking ways to engage and challenge all kids is what I love to do!

The purpose of education is not only to learn how to read and write, but its purpose is to prepare students to be successful in their future. Walking into my classroom one would experience students in conversation, collaboration, and hands-on learning. By creating a culture of small group learning, individual needs are met for each student. Technology is woven throughout our day, using it as a tool to empower and challenge students. Students practice communication, goal setting, and life skills that allow them to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Relationships: Building a community of learners from day 1 is always first priority. Maintaining trust based relationships with my students throughout the year minimize negative behavior and increase learning. In my professional career, I look forward to making new connections and cultivating relationships from past and present teams.

Collaboration: Teaching kids to collaborate with one another using patience, eye contact and appropriate tone to be successful is one way I prepare kids for their future. And I especially value these skills as I thrive when working with a team. Reviewing data, setting goals, and planning, I believe, are done best with a group that is committed to working together.

Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction. -C.S. Lewis

Innovative: Technology has been an outlet of creativity for me. Finding new ways to utilize iPads in the classroom energizes me. Students use iPads to communicate, enhance, and create products of their learning. When I started teaching small group math, I felt students weren't getting enough instruction. With the buzz of "flipped classrooms" I began making math videos they could watch independently. They love them (and I love making them)!!

I desire a teaching position where I can continue to grow and learn as an educator. A place where teamwork is an integral part of the school. Where new ideas are valued and encouraged. I want to be a part of a positive atmosphere where students come first!

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