Where's the Lighter Heavy psychedelic prog rock

Holed up in Pegasus House, in the heart of East London, watching the world unfold through a continual creative haze. The band began to assimilate fragments of inspiration into a vibrant melting pot of sonic reverberation.

Where's the Lighter was born out of a shared love of classic prog but with an injection of the new sounds of modern psychedelia, the 3 piece bridge the gap between psychedelic obscurity and progressive absurdity.

Where's the Lighter are...

Gage Ardagh- Bass and Vocals

Tom Baker- Guitars

John Dwyer- Drums


Where's the Lighter's debut single, 'Land of Despair' was released on the 24th October. The hard-hitting single marks the listeners' first step into the manic and psychedelic world of Where's the Lighter. A music video (below) accompanied this debut release.

In January 2021, the band recorded, mixed and digitally released a 'reimagined' version of Land of Despair. The alternate version's exploration of kaleidoscopic effects and complex layering combined with a heavier backbone results in a more diverse and experimental account of the original.

Between the two versions, Where's the Lighter unleashed the single 'Ripple', recorded at the University of West London. Ripple gets straight the point, with a driving groove and hallucinatory revelry. As the first track to feature new guitarist, Tom, it marked a new stage in the development of the band's sound.

Soon after the release of 'Land of Despair Reimagined', Where's the Lighter have clocked up just over 11,000 Spotify Streams

With a full-length album in the pipeline for recording in spring 2021 the band will stamp their mark on the prog scene...

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