Harry Potter and the half blood price By jacob g

Who is the main character ?

My main character is Harry Potter he has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and has green eyes and circle glasses, his parents were murderd by lord Voldemort so now he is forced to live with his only living relatives the dursleys who were sopossed to treat Harry like there own son but the only treat there son Dudley with love and kindness as for Harry he gets treated like a bump on a log, his personalitys are he is courageous and kind and he cares about his friends and he's is strong.

Here's a quick summary in the beginning Harry and Dumbledore go to find a old teacher Horace slughorn, they go to recruit him but he refuses to come back to hogwarts and teach until Dumbledore shows him Harry so he finally gives in and goes to teach at hogwarts. Harry goes to diagon ally were Rons older brothers George and Fred open up a joke shop anyway on there way out they see malfoy who goes into a shop and buys something suspicious but Harry could not see what it was so for the most of the story Harry is trying to find out if malfoy bears the death eater mark wich is like Voldemorts gang symbol,anyway the other part to the story is that when he takes potions class he sees an old book belonging to a person called the half blood prince,now potions is Harry's best subject because the half blood prince had written in the book how not only to make the potion but how to exceed in it and the Half blood prince also has some made up spells. At he end of the book Dumbledore is killed by proffeser snape who is the Half blood prince and Harry learns that malfoys mission was to kill Dumbledoor in order to gain the death eater mark.

Fun facts: did you know that Harry's hogwarts house is gryffindor wich is the logo in the background, his friends are also in the same house, proffeser mcgonagall is head of Gryffindor house, Harry was almost going to be put in slytherin house but he convinced the sorting hat to put him in Gryffindor.

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