INQUIRY QUESTION: How do I know whether a source is useful?

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  1. Locate a source online or in your textbook about the Battle of Hastings.
  2. Apply the CUP criteria that you used in the earlier UNDERSTAND task in order to assess whether the source is CREDIBLE and USEFULĀ to better understand the Battle of Hastings. If you decide it does not pass, scrap it and find another source.
  3. If you think your source is CREDIBLE and USEFUL, write a source critique - an explanation of 1) POSITIVES: why your source is credible and useful, and 2) POSSIBLE NEGATIVES: are there any things that you need to worry about if you use this source. Don't forget to reference the source!


I successfully located, applied my criteria to a source about the Battle of Hastings in order to decide that it was useful and contained credible information. This shows:

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