Nearly $6,000 in Scholarships Granted

$5,000 in Challenge and Championship Grants

Over $15,000 of support to the I-LYA Junior Sailing Championships and Junior Powerboat Training Program

Support of the PHASTAR program and their safety support for the I-LYA Junior Regattas at Put-in-Bay

Introduction of New Training Grants to support those individuals who want to give back to the boating activity by becoming certified instructors and officials.

From Our President

The Yachtsmen's Fund Trustees held our spring meeting by videoconference on Friday, April 3, 2020. At that meeting, I was elected to serve as President of the Fund. I would first like to thank Past President Monica Bloomstine for her three years of hard work and dedication to the Yachtsmen's Fund and her leadership in moving the Fund forward. Monica will continue to serve the Fund as a Vice President. THANK YOU MONICA!

2019 was another good year for the Yachtsmen's Fund. We were able to support several, worthy events and activities to further our mission to Educate, Challenge, and Inspire the next generation of sailors and boaters. The Centennial Campaign was a success, and we enjoyed growth of the Fund which will enable us to continue our mission into the future. Thank you to all our generous sponsors, benefactors, and donors for your contribution towards this effort.

Best Regards,

Steven G. Harris, President

I-LYA Junior Sailing Championship

64 Years and Going Strong!

The 2019 Inter-Lake Yachting Association Junior Sailing Championships were held July 14-18, 2019 at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club on South Bass Island. Once again, the Yachtsmen's Fund supported the event with grants for housing of the participants and coaching. This year's regatta attracted 133 sailors from throughout the region from as far east as Erie, PA to as far west as Indianapolis - north to Grosse Ile and south to Buckeye Lake. The participants enjoyed four challenging days with a wide variety of weather and racing conditions in the waters around the Lake Erie islands.

This year's regatta coaches included Old Dominion University coach Tyler Colvin and Kevin Jewett, Director of Sailing at the College of Charleston. The Yachtsmen's Fund is proud to have been able to support the regatta's effort to increase the level of coaching expertise and provide developmental value to the event. In addition to housing and coaching grants, the Yachtsmen's Fund once again provided scholarships to the winning crews and the recipients of the Individual Sportsmanship awards.

Chairs Kate Keane & Liz Barker from Vermilion Boat Club put on an excellent event and we look forward to supporting Chairs Todd & Heidi Tigges and the 2020 Regatta!

I-LYA Junior Powerboating

This year, the Fund once again provided an instructional grant to support this growing program within I-LYA. Scholarships were also provided to the winners of the Junior Powerboating Competitions.

Over the past few years, Chairman Bob Lang has taken the Junior Powerboating program from its infancy with only a handful of participants to a valued part of the I-LYA Powerboat Week with increased active participation each year. Youth learn boat handling, safety, navigation, and much more at this 3-day program held each year at Put-in-Bay Yacht Club. Most importantly, they have FUN!

The I-LYA Junior Powerboat program is helping to perpetuate boating in our region by introducing young people into the activity and starting them out on the right, safe path.

New Training Grants Introduced in 2019

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

- William James

The future of sailing and boating depends on those who give of their own time and effort to educate, challenge, and inspire the next generation. Without the countless instructors, race officials, and event organizers, we know that our activity and access to recreation and sport would be limited. In this spirit, this past year, the Yachtsmen's Fund established training grants to assist those individuals seeking certification as instructors and officials. As this was the first year for the program, participation was limited, but the Fund awarded $400 in these grants in 2019 and looks to expand the program in the future.

Grants are awarded for

US Sailing Race Official Training

US Sailing Instructor Training

American Sailing Association Instructor Training

US Powerboating Trainings

United States Power Squadron Instructor Training

US Coast Guard Licensure

US Canoe Association Instructor Certification

Other applicable trainings will also be considered

A Focus on Safety

This year, the Yachtsmen's Fund was pleased to partner with Phastar Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio in support of their marine safety and youth education programs.

Through this cooperative effort, Phastar provided on-water safety support to the annual I-LYA Junior Sailing Championships at Put-in-Bay in addition to their marine, aviation, and education programs in Cleveland.

Championships and Challenge Grants

Over $5000 in Grants for Youth Sailors competing at the highest level of the Sport in 2019

This year, thanks to your continued support, the Yachtsmen's Fund was able to provide over $5,000 in grants to youth sailors competing at the US Sailing Chubb Junior Championships and other top-level racing events across the United States.

Annually, the Yachtsmen's Fund awards grants to youth sailors in the region who qualify for the US Sailing Chubb Junior Championships through the Area E Qualifying Regatta - held this year at Edgewater Yacht Club in early July

Qualifying in 2019 and competing in the US Championships in San Francisco were

Spencer Barnes - Cleveland Yachting Club

Will Carroll - Cleveland Yachting Club

Jack Vanderhorst & Daniel vanHeeckeren - Edgewater Yacht Club

Michael Kirkman & Zach Rockwell - Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Chad Schaffner, Jonathan Mack, & Will Thornton - Cleveland Yachting Club

In 2006, the Fund established Challenge Team Grants to encourage youth sailors in the region to participate and compete at high-level events outside of our area. In the years intervening, thanks to your support, many of our local youth sailors have gone on to compete strongly at the highest levels of the sport.

This year, grants were awarded to sailors competing in the following events

C420 Midwinters - Marin County Sailing Club, Jensen Beach, FL

C420 National Championships - Sail Newport, Newport, RI

Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta - Coral Reef Yacht Club, Miami, FL

US Junior Women's Doublehanded Championships - San Diego, CA

US Junior Women's Singlehanded Championships - Richmond, CA


Membership in the Fund continues to grow in 2019. The ongoing support of our members helps us to achieve our goals and increase our impact.

Annual memberships support the next year's activites

Life Memberships, Memorial Contributions, and large gifts are invested and provide ongoing support into the future.

Financial Position of the Fund

This year, the Fund continued to support events & programs which directly benefit youth & amateur sailing and boating in the Lake Erie Region while keeping operating expenses to the minimum necessary to manage the endowment and increase membership & donations.
Although subject to market fluctuations, the Fund's endowment continues to be on an upward growth trend allowing us to continue annual support for qualifying activities.
The majority of the Fund's Annual Support comes from Dollar-per-Member Clubs and Organizational memberships. These donations help to fund the next year's grants and expenses. Life Memberships, Memorial Contributions, and large donations are invested and help to build the endowment to provide ongoing support into the future.

Is Your Organization a Dollar-per-Member Club?

Increasing our Reach

Marketing & Outreach

In 2018, the Fund launched a new website, www.yachtsmensfund.org. The new site features online giving options, electronic grant requests, and highlights throughout the year about the sailors, boaters, programs, and events that the fund supports.

As we increase our support of new events, the Fund has enjoyed additional exposure and branding via sponsorship banners and other recognition at these events and members of the Fund have traveled to be on site to represent the Fund and also offer in-kind support of the events and activities.

Centennial Campaign

The Inter-Lake Yachtsmen's Fund was incorporated in 1919 and this year, we celebrated our 100th Anniversary! On November 30, 2018, we launched our Centennial Campaign to increase the endowment so that we can increase our ongoing support of worthy activities and programs that support youth and amateur boating in the region.

The Fund established two giving levels - Centennial Sponsor & Centennial Benefactor - in support of this goal.

This year, through the Centennial Campaign, we were able to increase our endowment by over $10,000!

These funds will help us perpetuate our support of youth and amateur boating and sailing well into the future.


The Centennial Campaign has been extended. There's still time to join and show your support for the future of boating and sailing. If you would still like to be recognized as a Centennial Benefactor (gold pin) or Sponsor (silver pin), please visit us at www.yachtsmensfund.org and join in the celebration!


Looking to the Future

2020 Programs & Support

Now in our second century, the Fund looks to not only continue our existing support, but also to expand beyond our traditional programs. There are many worthy programs in the region that help to Educate, Challenge, and Inspire youth and amateurs in boating & sailing.

2020 Grants

At our April, 2020 meeting, the Trustees of the Fund again approved grants for I-LYA Junior Bay Week and Junior Powerboating programs for this year. Although recent market trends present a definite challenge for the Fund, grants are made based on a three-year average, making it possible for us to continue our support during these times that it is most needed.

Championship, Challenge, Training, and other grants are considered throughout the year upon request. Please visit our website for additional information.


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