New Hampshire founded in 1623 nataly viveros

John Wheelwright took over his job.

John Mason was the founder of New Hampshire he died in 1672. After his death John Wheelwright took over his job. John never set foot in New Hampshire.

They followed the religion of the Puritans. It was strict. They in forced strict moral code. Their church was called the Congregational Church.

New Hampshire is dominated South to North by the White Mountains a Northern range of the Appalachian Mountains. It can be warm, and sunny one minute then cold, and cloudy the next due to each of the four seasons in daily temperature, and weather patterns also due to distance from the Oceans, Mountains, Lakes, and Rivers.

Their main source of income are dairy products, greenhouse products, apples, cattle, and eggs. Since the late 1800's manufacturing has been important in the state.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "Colton's New Hampshire"

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