Good Life Tour at Harn Museum by Jacob Fetner

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist
Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

When I saw this artwork at the Harn, I was astonished by how realistic it looks. I was amazed at how this artist was able to make pottery and use glaze and turn it into something so realistic. The technique of the artist is truly amazing, as the coral has so many dimensions to it, and I was still enamored after looking at it for several minutes. The coral communicated to me that an artist can show the beauty of nature just by just using pottery and glaze. I felt like I was looking at something that a scuba diver had just taken from the ocean and gave to the museum to put on display. I just imagined this piece of artwork being in a body of water with fish swimming around it, and I was amazed that an artist could make something like this with amazing technique.

Design of the Museum

I really enjoyed the outdoors aspect of the museum because it displays the art of nature without having to describe how it was created. I thought it was awesome that the museum had an area right next to the artwork that you can go outside after looking at created beauty and see natural beauty. I really liked the different themes such as asian art, cultural art, and the women in art sections as each section enhanced my experience by getting to see the broadness of art, but I also really appreciated that there was this tiny area with a pond and a waterfall. I immediately thought of Siddhartha and the river when I saw that pond, and I thought about just appreciating the nature. I felt very relaxed, and I felt as it was a perfect place to just appreciate the nature and get a fresh breath of air while looking at the waterfall flow. I really loved the museum as a whole, as it showed so much diversity and a range of old art to modern art.

Core Value

This photo really says a lot and portrays so much emotion. The title of this artwork is I am Not a Persian Carpet and it is a photo of Aphrodite Desiree Navab with a black stamp on her body. Navab is an Iranian women, who is challenging the Islamic view that women's bodies should be covered, which is objectifying these Middle-Eastern women. This is so powerful and it really appeals to my core values of being able to express yourself and express your desires. The picture is filled with emotion, as Navab is challenging the idea that women are merely just objects to these men in the Middle-East. Navab stamped herself with the patten of a Persian rug to express that she is a woman and not just the object of a man. This picture made me so sad to think that there are so many women who are scared to stand up and express themselves, but at the same time I was amazed at the message Nadab conveyed by stamping herself and standing up for so many women. This shows me that it takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and express yourself.

Art and The Good Life

When I first walked into the museum, this white bronze statue immediately caught my eye. To some people this statue looks like a person, and to others it may look like someone just attached bronze beams to each other and called it art. I thought it was very interesting that when I looked for a title, it said 'Untitled'. I thought this was perfect, as each person can make his/her own title for the artwork depending on how he/she interprets it. I believe that this conveys the theme of finding meaning and being able to make your own story. There is so many different interpretations that can be made of this statue, and every individual can make their own story about this piece of art. You can give this artwork your own meaning by creating a story. It adds to your appreciation of the good life because life is what you make it, and so is this artwork.

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