Ontario's New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)

What is the New Teacher Induction Program?

The New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) supports the growth and professional learning of new teachers. It is the second job-embedded step in a continuum of professional learning for teachers to support effective teaching, learning, and assessment practices, building on and complementing the first step: initial teacher education programs.

The NTIP consists of the following induction elements:

  • Orientation for new teachers to the school and school board
  • Mentoring for new teachers by experienced teachers
  • Professional learning relevant to the individual needs of new teachers
Induction Elements
New Teacher Induction Program Goals
Core Goals of NTIP

The induction elements of orientation, mentoring and ongoing professional learning provide a web of personalized support for beginning teachers and directly support the key goals of NTIP. Improving student well-being and learning is the ultimate outcome of the New Teacher Induction Program.

Who is supported by NTIP?
NTIP Hiring over the past 7 years

Including 2nd Year teachers and mentors, the total number of teachers participating in NTIP exceeds 20,000 annually.

In addition to the NTIP induction elements, new permanent hires are evaluated twice within their first 12 months of employment through the Teacher Performance Appraisal process. Upon completion of 2 satisfactory evaluations a notation reflecting completion of NTIP is placed on the teacher’s certificate of qualification and registration which appears on Ontario College of Teachers’ public register.

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