The purpose for moving West is so that the United States could become bigger and we could have more room to build houses and farms. They also thought that it was a good idea because it was a magical place were the flowers bloomed all year, the land was good for farming, and there was plenty of land that you could get for free, there were tall trees, big forests, and rivers and streams that had many fish in them. So they thought that the name Oregon meant more adventure.

The interaction between settlers and Indians was sometimes good and sometimes bad. If you met some good Indians they would want to trade, but if you met bad Indians they wanted to kill you! During when ever we first came as settlers we were good friends to the Indians, but soon after we could live on our own so when we became stronger than the Indians then we over took them and that's when we stopped being friends.

Three cons of traveling to the West is.....

  • There was a good chance of death by animals, Indians, and sickness of lack of food.
  • If the wagon was full then the family had to walk next to the wagon.
  • There was a lot of bad weather because it was the middle of winter.

Three pros for traveling to the West is.....

  • The pioneers found new land.
  • There was more land to farm.
  • There was a possibility of finding gold.

Everyday life was different on the trail because you were always up and around and walking. You had no shelter to keep safe during all the bad weather. It was also different because they met so many new people like the Indians and many other people. Further more many people died because of the conditions of the weather and deaths from Indians.

Oregon Trail

How did people know where to go? The settlers knew where to go from the help of trees, rocks, and water holes. Places on the trail there were funny shapes in some rocks, or water that looked and tasted unusual, or trees that bent in stage ways.

A interesting fact that I learned was that the Indians and the settlers were never always good friends, and that sometimes the settlers killed some of the Indians.


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