Jordan Clarkson Never underestimate someone

Once there was a six year old his name was Mickey he was know as the kid that would run with a limp and would always get picked on by the upper class men. He was also a part of the soccer team but wasn't given much time to play he would always be sitting on the bench waiting to put in to play. One day he was walking to get on the bus as usual to go to his soccer game with his team and a few of the players threw him to the grown saying hurtful words. One of the kids Jacob told Mickey "Why are you even coming you never play you are a waste of space". The kids then all left and another player came to pick him up and said "Ignore them they aren't even good players themselves". The arrived to the game and during half time the kid Jacob got injured allowing Mickey to go in and play. As soon as he went in the game had changed. He ran faster than any of the players and all were surprised. He made the winning goal in the last seconds and after the game all of his teammates apologized because they realized that although he has a limp and isn't a starter he isn't the worse player. Little did his teammates know every day after school he would go home and tell his dad about everything everyone in school would tell him. After doing all his work everyday he would go to the park to try and improve his skills to become a better player.

Although this child is crippled due to him having a cast on it doesn't stop him from getting back on a skateboard. He has passion for skating so he wants to learn and take no time for granted. He is trying to find ways to skate even though he has crutches he is finding an alternate way of riding like he normally would ride his skateboard. When you see someone with a cast you assume the either need help or cant do specific things but that not true for all. Many times people will find a way to continue and do what the always do. People assume and underestimate you for being injured or for looking a certain way.

Business letter Lakers Franchise: Jordan Clarkson(Point Guard) (Bench Players) Jordan Clarkson is a player that is on the bench and isn't a starter but is being recognized for his hard work slowly. To add on people assume that he isn't the best/greatest player on the team because he isn't the one that starts off the game. The thing that many don't see is once he goes in to play he changes the environment and attitude of the team. Due to him coming off the bench he sees things that the players on the curt may not see. Such as he may see a play or someone who is continuously open he might go in a make sure he isn't open once he goes in things are changed and many times people are stopped. He should be worth a lot because he puts in more work than everyone else. Too add on he should be worth a lot because he can be placed to play with any team and will fit right in.

Dear Dairy, My name is Emily and I am writing in order to help with influencing and letting people know how important they are and everyone has the potential to do and become who they want to. I have thought that someone is better and it isn't that they are better but put in more work than other people. Such as I play basketball and I am not the best on the team I have to put in more work than the other people on the team and which is why when people put in more work the team/people become better and stronger. I have a brother in law and I spend most of my time with him at the park to help with improving my shooting skills. They have improved slowly and have made a huge difference and had a huge impact on helping the team. Till this day I am not the best player on the team but I see myself improving and helping my team grow.

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