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The piano is a springboard for the study of all other instruments. On the piano, students learn to read notes simultaneously in two different clefs (treble and bass) while developing their sense of polyphony (hearing more than one sound at the same time). The piano is physically easy to play, making it possible for a student to make a good musical sound or combination of notes on the piano faster than on any other instrument. This reinforces the desire to learn. The keyboard configuration also facilitates the combination of aural and visual learning, helping the student to see, while they simultaneously hear, the relationships of notes, intervals and chords. Lastly, the simultaneous use of both hands on the keyboard helps develop left brain-right brain communication.

The B2R Approach

At B2R we emphasize the fundamentals of good piano-playing while offering students a musical diet that includes many different styles such as classical, blues, and pop. This approach keeps students motivated and earns them recognition from their peers. Students will learn important skills such as sight-reading, theory, chord harmonization, transposition, and improvisation.

Healthy Piano Technique

Advances in the field of ergonomics, biotechnology and physical medicine have benefited many contemporary professional and physical activities. Musical performance should be no exception. The “no pain, no gain” philosophy is no longer valid in instrumental instruction. Therefore, B2R’s piano faculty members have been trained to incorporate contemporary ergonomic concepts into their teaching so that students can come away with an easy technique that facilitates healthy physiological development while playing in any style.


Sharing one’s music is a special skill in and of itself, and B2R supports this concept. We encourage our piano/keyboard students to participate in weekly performances as well as our big end-of-the semester music galas and Battles of the Bands. We also offer occasional special performance opportunities such as “Broadway at B2R.”

Give Us A Try!

Look, we're going to be totally honest - some kids just don't want to play music. And that's totally OK! But, with all the potential growth your child could achieve taking lessons at Bach to Rock in Folsom, it's absolutely worth it to at least give it a shot. That's why we're giving you a free 30-minute lesson to find out. Just give us a ring at (916) 265-2600 or fill out the form below to schedule a time that works best for you!

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