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Loriesque Studio Q&A

What Kind of Stop-motion do you make?

I love sculpting in clay, creating miniatures, and puppets and filming in stop-motion. I have a handful of puppets that star in my videos. I sculpt claymation style which means I film frame by frame while sculpting with modeling clay to create facial movement or walking cycles. I create miniature sets and props. I have all sorts of film ideas yet to be created.

Here's some recent characters and my art style and projects from Instagram.

Why stopmotion?

I call this my passion project. Because I'm passionate about it, and I spent years thinking about how cool it would be if I had the time to devote to such a patient art form. Then that longing stirred me one day to just go for it. I love sculpting, I love miniatures, I love making tiny things! And now I can make them come alive! Spending time in my studio tinkering and creating is so fulfilling, I feel like I can really submerge myself in my art.

What are you currently working on?

My most recent project features cute, little, rainbow colored monsters I've been practicing claymation emotions in small repeating videos on posted social media. One night I came up with a strange little tale to tell with these silly things and I hope to progress more this coming month.

Featured colorful monsters in upcoming short film.

How can people support you?

Pledge to be my patron and get some awesome custom Loriesque swag in the mail or get listed in the credits, or just pledge a dollar cuz you love me. Be my Patreon to get awesome Rewards while I reach my Goals!

Wait...what do you mean by swag?

LoriesqueStudio swag shipment sent to a very loyal patron, photo credit @hollyfae_art (on instagram)

This is the first shipment of swag my loyal patrons received for the video Self Portrait in Clay. I ship out goodies to people like you who pledge and get Rewards for each video. I've created coaster designs and lino-prints.

These stickers are part of the swag I send my Patrons for every project I do.

What are your Goals?

With each pledge I get closer to my goals of creating full length films worthy of animation festivals. Yeah, I wanna be in a fest! On the big screen! Shown in cities all over the world!

Where else can I follow you?

I proudly post art on these wonderful social media sites:

Check out videos on my YouTube

What is this Patreon thing again?

It's where you can see everything FIRST I am working on! Behind-the-scenes videos, new characters, upcoming film ideas, you can even chat with me or watch some art making LIVE! Plus you'll be the first one to see every video I create! Look it's easy:

Just select which Rewards (left) that you wish to pledge and together we'll reach the Goals!


I hope you've enjoyed and learned more about me and my studio. NOW like, follow, comment, love, or become my patron...

Hope to see you soon!

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