Loriesque Studio Stop-motion Animation/Claymation by Lori Escobar

Where can I see your videos?

All my videos live on YouTube.

What Kind of Stop-motion do you make?

I love sculpting in clay, creating miniatures, and puppets and filming in stop-motion. I have a handful of puppets that star in my videos. Sometimes I just sculpt claymation style repeating .gifs for practice and amusement. Follow my social media (below) to see more!

Here's some recent posts of my art style and current projects from Instagram.

Why do you do this?

I call this my passion project. Because I'm passionate about it, and I spent years thinking about how cool it would be if I had the time to devote to such a patient art form. Then that longing stirred me one day to just go for it. I love sculpting, I love miniatures, now I can make them come alive! With support from friends, family and maybe even you, I feel like I can really submerge myself in my art.

How can I support you?

Pledge to be my patron and get some awesome custom Loriesque style swag in the mail or get listed in the credits, or just pledge a dollar cuz you love the art. Join my Patreon to reap all the benefits of directly supporting my projects.

What do you mean by swag?

LoriesqueStudio swag shipment sent to a very loyal patron, photo credit @hollyfae_art (on instagram)

This is the first shipment of swag I sent for my Self Portrait video to my loyal patrons. I ship out goodies to patrons who pledge different levels of support. For each video I'm creating coaster designs and lino-prints. And you can get in on this too:

As you enjoy your swag, know that with each pledge I am getting closer to my goals of creating full length films worthy of animation festivals. Yeah, I wanna be in a fest! On the big screen!

<-This is Monty starring in my upcoming film, Fetch

Where else can I follow you?

I proudly post art on these wonderful social sites for your viewing pleasure. Follow me!

Check out videos on my YouTube link above!

Since you're here, why not just watch my latest videos now.

I hope you've enjoyed and learned more about me in my studio. Hope to see you around.

K, Thanks! I love ya! Bye!

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Lori Escobar


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