What are your stories?

Everybody has a story

As an adult educator focused on portfolio development and communications, I often ask learners to describe a particular experience or interesting event. Too frequently they are reluctant to share. Sometimes, the reluctance stems from shyness or lack of confidence to express the story. Unfortunately, however, the most common reason is a variation on "I don't have anything interesting to tell."

Many people are dismissive of their own experiences. They will claim reasons like "I just have a regular boring job" or "I have never been anywhere" or "I don't have any unique skills" or even "I can't afford to have an adventure". One of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher is encouraging leaners to recognize that everybody has a story - and then helping them to find and tell theirs.

You have stories

Your stories might be BIG or small.

They might be dramatic....

War Memorial. London, England.

...or just for fun.

Cardboard photo prop. Liverpool, NS

They might be thought provoking...

...or inspirational.

Or your story might be something all together different. What ever the story, it is yours and nobody else has a story quite like it.

Your stories are important

Your story is important to someone. It might be a shared story with universal appeal. It could be the gift of a memory for a friend or a legacy for family members. Or it may just be for your own pleasure - or even therapy. Perhaps you will share it now or later, or not at all. That is up to you.

How will you tell your story?

There are many ways to express your stories with your own voice:

  • With a picture or an album
  • In a blog post
  • Through a letter or a journal
  • Using art - drawing, painting, quilting, woodworking, metal work, performance...?
  • In a video

Take the challenge

Own your stories. Choose one to tell and start today. You'll be glad that you did!


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