Writer By: Allison Salazar

Why Did i choose this Career?

1. I chose this career for me because I can actually write.

2. Writers can work at home.

3. It's a plain and simple job, (Even though I may need another career for extra money)

A typewriter. Old technology and a symbol of a writer.


  1. Writers can self-publish books without the help from companies like Scholastic or Disney.
  2. More famous writers have publishing deadlines.
  3. Writers can work anywhere.
i'm not gonna lie, you should know what this is

short term goals

In middle and high school, I can take literacy classes, and I can pay extra attention to my language arts core class. In 8th grade I should take a creative writing class, or a literature class. I can also take english to relearn punctuation and speaking skills.

still just an ink pen, because i have nothing else to put...

long term goals

In college I can major in creative writing at certain colleges. And after that write a book and try to get it published.

The End!


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