Forest of Dreams By Elena Tranze

The story is a simple murder mystery type of genre, but with a twist; is it told from the perspective of a squirrel. The whole film will be filmed in one long continuous shot, handheld, and in the first person perspective of said squirrel. There will be constant sound effects of leaves rustling, sniffing, and other forest type sounds. The shot opens up vertically, as if eyes being opened, as the noise of footsteps approaches. The camera scurries down the trunk of the tree to find that a person with a handful of nuts is walking by. A nut is thrown, then another, and the person resumes walking. After picking up the nuts, the squirrel sniffs around the area, searching for more food. It finds a newspaper, grabs it, and runs back to it's nest. On the newspaper there is an article titled "Missing Girl; Brooklyn" with a picture of a girl underneath with a birthmark near her eye. After depositing the newspaper, the squirrel hears an intense ruffling and scampers to check it out. It sees the Nut-Giver walk away from a large shape on the ground, muttering "Now where did I put that shovel?". Naturally being curious, the squirrel goes to inspect the shape and finds that it is the cold body of a girl. It sniffs its face and sees a birthmark near her eye. "What are you doing here, you little buddy?" says the Nut-Giver, returned from his search for the shovel. "Aren't you a nosy little pest? Want another nut?" He says, as he throws another nut at the squirrel and he screen goes dark.


(Following this storyboard is highly unrealistic, as there is no guarantee that these surroundings even exist, so this serves more as a directors vision than a template to follow. Compromises will have to be made.)

The plan I had made did not turn out as expected, as it was very hard to shoot 1 continuous shot, not let it be too shaky, and keep every subject in focus. Unfortunately, the result did not go as planned, and hopefully this other video I made is suitable enough to be accepted. It is a compilation of adventures from my trip to Winnipeg last month. It fits into the theme of Forest of Dreams, because although there is no forest, it was a dream to experience this trip with some of my closest friends.

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