What is Church Has ​Left the Building?

Here at Vineyard 53, we love to get out into this region and show something of God’s love in lots of different ways. Examples include parties, prayer walks, giveaways, renovations projects and supporting some of the local events happening in the area. We want to be an outward-looking church, a people that welcome those who wouldn’t even think about Jesus or connecting in with church.

We believe everyone gets to play and by that we mean we all get to be part of this adventure God has called us to - not just the leaders of the church or those that feel more 'spiritual' or ‘ready’ for it, but everyone!

There are three words associated with Church Has Left the Building that help express what it's about and why it's important:


We love hosting events that people of all ages, ability, background and wherever they are in their journey of faith can take part in some way. At Vineyard 53, we’re one big family and on this adventure together - growing and learning along the way!


Should church be dull, boring and irrelevant? We don’t think it has to be like this! We love hosting events where everyone can have lots of fun along the way! As a church, we can create spaces and opportunities for those around us to encounter Jesus and have a positive experience of church.


We love to create spaces and environments where people who have never thought about Jesus, church or faith can explore and ask questions. And for us too, we grow in our faith as we step out of our comfort zones and invite our friends along to an event, offer to pray for someone, chat to a new person or share a bit about our own journey with Jesus.

How can I get involved?

Turn up on the day! - We try really hard to make the events we do family-friendly, fun and have a spiritual dynamic. We would love as many people who consider themselves part of Vineyard 53, to come along and be part of each Church Has Left the Building.

Invite! - Have a think about who you could invite along to an event! Are there friends, colleagues or family members you could extend an invite to?

Pray! - We believe prayer is powerful and one of the things you could do is pray for our church, our upcoming CHLTB events and for those we meet there. That people will have a great experience of what church can be and want to do more exploring.

Help with the planning! - The events take quite a lot of planning and organising. If you want to be involved in making Church Has Left the Building happen, do get in touch!

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