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What is music?

Music has been around a long time in our history, from million years ago till where we are now. In that long time music changed much. We don’t know a lot about music from million years ago, and maybe you didn’t expect that. Here’s why: With the technology of nowadays we can record the music and listen it almost everywhere. Many people have internet and can use YouTube or Spotify or other music platforms. A long time ago they didn’t have microphones and speakers and certainly no internet. So music couldn’t be saved or being recorded. Sometimes they used musical notes and wrote it down on paper. The only folk that we know music from nowadays that didn’t write it down are the Africans. For them it’s traditional and they all know how their music sounds. They usually use drums and that type of instruments. The biggest part of the world that makes music nowadays records it and posts it almost always on the internet. Also older music can be found on internet. Music from the 90’s or 60’s or what else, if it’s recorded, you can post it on internet. People listen to music because it’s fun, they say it give you the same feeling as reading a book. You can sit on your bench and relax by listening music. The reason why men get addicted to it is the feelings that you feel by listening it. You can feel happy or sad, sometimes you think about the past. Music has always been an imported part of people's lives. Now music can’t be missed at a party or a festival. It’s the reason for sociability. There are many more ways and reasons how and why music is being used. If you ever watched the Olympic Games. You should know that you have a song for every country; we call them national anthems.

It is basically a song from your country. In the Netherlands we have the Wilhelmus, in England you have the song “God save the queen” and in France you have “Marseillaise”. Artists from the last century are very famous because of their songs. Maybe you know Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Pitbull. It isn’t strange to know them. Almost everyone knows them. Music isn’t only to listen, usually they make a video clip too. Or if you ever watched a movie, what I expect you’ve done. You maybe ever heard music in a movie. It’s in there because it finish the movie. If you ever watch a horror movie, and you hear the creepy music, play it back and watch it again without the music. You should notice the difference. The first time it’s creepy, the second time it’s only a scary screen. Or in a romantic scene, if there isn’t romantic music, you only see two people in love but you don’t want to watch because it isn’t as beautiful as it was with music. The point is, music gives you the feeling in a movie, or if you are only listening to it it gives you only a feeling. But there are many types of movies so there are many types of music!


You have many species of music. Music can be classified in different ways. You can look at which instruments are played as used classical music many different types of instruments such as a piano, which is played by pressing buttons or a violin is played by rubbing a bow along violin strings and uses much less rock music instruments are often electronically. This means that the sound of a rock instrument through sound boxes made harder. You can also organize music based on a particular goal. Thus choral music meant for the church. In classical music you can listen best when you sit down and want to feel emotions. Jazz and trance music, in particular, to dance. Opera music tells a story and march music used by the military.

a lot of secies: R & B, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, jumpstyle, HipHop, hard Rock, Happy Hardcore, doll, Classical music, Opera, Musical, Jazz, baroque music, Cabaret, Film music, modern music, Dubstep, World, Folk music (There is not one kind of folk music but hundreds. Each country and culture has its own kind of folk music. It also happens that within a country or cultural differences between the folk music being played in the city and the music being made in rural areas. Famous folk music of Hungary, Ireland and France. Dutch folk music is often called the torch. Famous Dutch / Flemish folk singers and groups include Johnny Jordaan and Ambrosia. Also, many comedians sometimes sing folk songs.


If you think of music than you think dancing. by dancing is music important. Dance can be seen as a form of nonverbal communication between people, but it is also done by animals. You have folk dances, flamenco and international dances such as Latin and tango to classical ballet. Many early forms of music and dance were created together. The gradual emergence and growth of the two always went hand in hand. Here came styles like ballroom tango, the waltz and salsa from continuing, but also more modern forms of dance such as hip hop and many others. you have much types of dancing. With every kind of dance fits a type of music. a lot of dance: breakdance, Freestyle dance, hip hop dance, jazz dance, modern dance, African dance, African dance - Sabardance, Bulgarian folk dance, country dance, Irish folk dance, Dutch Folk Dance, Dutch folk dance - you call it like: Klompendans, Flemish folk dance, folk dances. that are a lot of dances but not all. there are so much dances, to much to count it.

Musical Instruments

Music is making by music instruments. You have a lot of musical instruments. Species: strings, plucked instruments, wind instruments, keyboards, percussion instruments. There are much differences. one sounds very high and the other very low. And the other is sounds very hard and the other sounds very soft. it depends on what tool you use. And what you like to use. and you do not like it. you only listen it.


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