Marion Lake, MN By: Taylor Husarik


Marion Lake is located in Perham Minnesota. Perham is in Otter Tail County, in between Dent and Grandview Heights. The absolute location is 46.5953° N, 95.5730° W.

La mapa
La mapa

Physical Features

Perham has one large lake and many smaller lakes. The climate in Perham ranges from sunny 80 degree summer days to negative temperatures in the winter. Trees surround the lakes in Perham. The left over land is hilly and used for farming, because the soil is very rich. Plants in Perham include spruce trees, and wild flowers. The altitude of Perham is 1368 feet.

Farming Land
Trees framing Lake Marion, in Perham MN

Human Features

The population of Perham, Minnesota, is 3,087. The citizens live in houses, ranging from little cabins/houses to huge cabins/houses. The houses are either have a typical urban home style or have a more cabin style. The people in Perham speak English. In Perham many people have their own businesses or work in small shops. There aren't many superstores or typical name brand stores.

Stores in Perham, MN
House, Perham MN
House, Perham MN

Human Environment Interaction

Positive human-environment interaction in Perham includes recycling, preserving trees, preserving soil quality, protecting aquatic species, and maintaining a healthy lake. In Perham schools they teach about pollution and staying green.

Negative human-environment interaction includes not having a plan to lower levels of waste, and not having any limitations on waste levels.


The main source of transportation in Perham is by car. In addition to cars many trains pass through Perham daily. These trains have several cars attached to the back, carrying goods. People will also bike from place to place, if the weather allows. Perham does not have any ports or airways.

Train tracks


Perham is in the lake region of Otter Tail county , in northern Minnesota, also in the Northern Midwest region of the United States. Located on the North American Continent.

United States
North America

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