P.A.W. Journey stands for Passionate About Winning

WHAT WE DO: Our mission is to cultivate leadership in our student-athletes through personal growth, life skills, and professional development. This journey prepares each young man to be the example by sustaining a lifestyle of winning.

WHO WE ARE: The P.A.W. Journey is a program-wide initiative for Clemson Football in which all coaches, staff and student-athletes participate. The program is led by

Meet the Team

Jeff Davis – Founder, P.A.W. Journey and Assistant Athletic Director of Player Relations and External Affairs
Allison Waymyers – Director, Career and Professional Development
Kyndall Ellis- Inaugural P.A.W. Journey Intern

Welcome Our Newest Staff Member!

Savannah Bailey - Coordinator, Player Relations and C.U. In Life

Contact P.A.W. Journey

Mailing Address: Jervey Athletic Center (Football) P.O. Box 31 Clemson, SC 29633

Physical Address: 100 Allen Reeves Dr. Clemson, SC 29631

Email: pawjourney@clemson.edu

P.A.W. Journey in the News


STRIPED is P.A.W. Journey's Personal Growth pillar. Tigers are not born; tigers are made. Becoming a Tiger is about building character, facing adversity, becoming better and ultimately stronger. Personal growth is the continuous effort to become the best you. STRIPED is the process we utilize to inspire our student-athlete towards maturity. The Tiger is known by its stripes. Each stripe represents a lesson learned, a victory earned, or a battle fought. These words embody this pillar: character, confidence, conviction.

Striped categories

CHARACTER: earned by Tigers whose actions honor our standard

FIELD/WEIGHT ROOM: earned by Tigers who grow/dominate during game time

VICKERY: earned by Tigers who achieve academic success

COMMUNITY: earned by Tigers who voluntarily serve in their community

MAN: earned by Tigers who demonstrate growth on their journey to manhood

LEADERSHIP: earned by Tigers who show leadership on and off the field

The mission of C.U. IN LIFE is to equip our young men with the transferable tools necessary for a lifestyle of winning and address them as a whole person. Events within this program will teach our student-athletes critical life skills necessary to be respected and impactful men of society. Topics include finances, nutrition, etiquette and professionalism.

Since July of 2016, Clemson Football is in the Top 2 of all Clemson sports for most team Community Service Hours, and Top 5 of all Clemson sports for highest average service hours per student-athlete.

P.A.W. Journey worldwide

May 7th-12th, a week that forever changed 16 student-athletes and 5 Clemson staff members, who traveled to Haiti with a non-profit organization known as Soles4Souls. The group coupled with Tiffany Turner, whom is the director of outreach for Soles4Souls, devoted their time to the Haitian community in more ways than one. The group's first venture began with a shoe distribution. Shoes were systematically given to children with players organizing the shoes by size and gender, then when the children came to receive their shoes players would first size each child's foot and write their shoe size on the child's wrist. Next, the child would be taken into the room where all the shoes were housed and get their feet washed by a player. After that another player would then match the child with the correct shoe size based on the number on their wrist. By traveling to different schools throughout the week, the young men and women were able to have a maximal impact with more than 550 pairs of shoes allocated. The group also spent a day with Feeding Hope, which is a non-profit organization in Montrouis, Haiti that provides hot meals for both men and women within the community. Feeding Hope feeds over 150 people a day and the team got to experience this first hand through helping serve over 400 meals.
The 5th QUARTER is P.A.W. Journey's Career and Professional Development pillar. The 5th QUARTER inspires each athlete to catapult into the marketplace. Whether the focus is on pursuing purposeful employment, or entering the N.F.L., 5th QUARTER ensures each young man remains the example in their community. These words embody this pillar: principle, preparation, purpose.

Adobe microinternship

From May 2nd through the 14th, 7 student athletes traveled to California to do a Micro internship with the acclaimed company, Adobe. Adobe allowed the student athletes to participate in a micro internship because the gentleman were only allotted two weeks off during their summer. The young men traveled to San Francisco and San Jose to learn three areas within the company (1) Sales (2) Product Marketing (3) and lastly Customer Success. The group worked full time throughout the duration of the internship, and were paid $20 a hour. The group of men enjoyed being able to learn everything they could from Adobe, while also exploring California and experiencing a culture completely different from their own.
Jeff, Allison, and Peyton express their excitement for the the 5th quarter Adobe micro internship with some of the Adobe staff.

Symposium: "True champions always seek new victories."

Keynote Speaker, Fonzworth Bentley pictured with P.A.W. Journey Founder Jeff Davis and Talent Agent Louis Upkins

The 2017 Symposium emphasized that real champions never settle for what they have accomplished, but they always continue to look for new ways to succeed. The keynote speaker, Fonzworth Bentley, shared his story of how he managed being a student-athlete at Moorehouse University and how he thus catapulted his career into the entertainment industry.


  • August 11 - Graduation
  • August 20 - Fan Day
  • August 23 - Fall Classes Begin
  • September 2- First Home Game vs. Kent State

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