To Kill a Mockingbird Point of view assignment by: Zak kantor

Entry #1 Snow Day and The Fire in Scout's Perspective

I woke up one morning and I was really scared. I was scared because when I looked outside there was a bunch of white stuff. Its turns out it is snow and since we had off because it snowed we tried to make a snowman even though we did not know how and there wasn't enough snow. That night I went to bed and it was freezing outside. Later on Atticus woke me up because Miss Maudie's house which is next to mine was on fire. I walked outside to watch what was going on and I was really cold and someone gave me a blanket but I don’t remember who. Atticus says it must have been Boo Radley. I don't think it was Boo though because I do not think he would have done something like that. I think I can say that today was one of the weirdest days in my life.


Entry #2 Atticus' Talent in Jem's Perspective

I used to think that Atticus was a good father and all but that he is kind of old and not cool because he doesn't play football and do other fun stuff. Now I know that that is not entirely true. Today there was a crazy dog and the Sheriff Mr. Tate gave his gun for my dad to shoot the dog and he did that because he was the deadliest shot in Maycomb county in his time according to Miss Maudie. I think that that is weird because not long ago Atticus would not teach me and Scout how to shoot our air rifles we got. Atticus said that he doesn't like to shoot because he thinks that it gives him an unfair advantage over other living things. Scout also wanted to brag about how cool Atticus is but I had to tell her not to because Atticus would not want her to.


Entry #3 The Verdict and Encounter in Jem's Perspective

I'm so mad right now. The reason I am so mad is because the jury found Tom Robinson guilty even though he did absolutely nothing and was innocent. It is so crazy how this could happen. Tom was only convicted because he is black and everyone seems to be racist . Later on Atticus and I found out that Tom was killed in prison as he tried to escape so we had to go tell his wife the news. When Atticus was telling her the news Mr. Ewell showed up and wanted to talk to Atticus. Atticus walked out and went to talk to him but Mr. Ewell spit in Atticus' face and that got me so mad. Somehow Atticus was able to keep himself controlled. I really do not like Mr. Ewell because he is so mean and he is the one that lied and got Tom Robinson put in prison.


Entry #4 Halloween in Jem's Perspective

The other night on Halloween I was walking home with Scout on the way home after the carnival thing at the school. As we were walking Cecil Jacobs jumped out and scared us. Later on we were walking through the woods and we head someone. We thought it was Cecil Jacobs but it turns out it was not because moments later Mr. Ewell jumps out and attacks us. I tried to fight him off as best I could but he was able to knock me out. Scout told me that once that happened Boo came out of nowhere and saved our lives by killing Mr. Ewell and carried me home. I am very thankful for what Boo did for me and Scout. If it was not for Boo I could be dead right now. I think that Maycomb is a safer place with out Mr. Ewell and I can't believe that he attacked us considering we are just kids.


Reflection: I think the reason we had to do this assignment was based off of a lesson from the book. That lesson was that you can't judge a person unless you walk a mile in their shoes. That applies to this assignment because we are looking at things from another persons point of view which teaches what it is like being them in a way. This lesson is taught to Scout after the first day of school for her when she says different things about people and Atticus gives her this advise. From doing this assignment I learned that it is not that easy to look at things differently than you may normally do and have to act as someone different than you. This assignment was a fun but interesting way to learn how to do this. It also teaches you that you truly do not know ones intentions until you think like they do and I think more people need to learn this lesson.

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