Maybe one day we will get free time AJ Fidanzo

There are way to many reading assignments nowadays, and I mean way to many. To say that the reading homework is necessary to the extent at which it is assigned is stupid. Plus schools seem to find a way to make it so unenjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I love reading, well I like reading. But the occasional internet article or the instagram comments section is more than enough for me. I think the real problem is that it is very hard to like something when you are not the one choosing what you want to read. I mean do teachers think we have nothing better to do over break than sit down and read a stupid book no one really cares about? And it really doesn't matter if it's a "classic", I mean Slinkys are classical but I don't see them being posted about or being sold by the millions on TV. Anyway, my biggest beef isn't even the goddamn short stories or articles, it is the boring, old novels we are forced to read. Students are forced to read them with no input on if they even want or care to read it. I mean the issues in a particular story might mean nothing to 90% of the students in a class. The absolute worst part is that we are given deadlines. Like I have nothing better to do this week than spend 2 hours a night reading (other homework is obviously not even thought about by teachers). If you agree with me then please say a prayer for everyone still suffering from lengthy reading assignments and boredom.

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