Every Nation Campus aims to empower students for L.I.F.E. - Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence.

We believe that the campuses are the most strategic harvest field for the following reasons:

1. Window of Openness - according to different studies in Psychology, the ages 16-25 are the most moldable stage in a person's life.

2. Doorway to the Family - whenever we reach out a student, it also gives us a platform to make an impact to their family.

3. Future Leaders of Society - the campuses are the producers of our next generation politicians, managers, parents, etc. The campus today is the picture of our society in the future.

By reaching these students, our goal is to prepare them for L.I.F.E.

We have leaders camp, leadership mentoring and even create opportunities for students to lead others.
We conduct seminars on Integrity, and we create a culture of integrity by building a healthy communication with the students. Integrity will be challenged in different ways, but it is upheld in the heart.
We also help them grow in their faith in God. We have prayer meetings, weekly bible studies and one-on-ones, to help the student know God more and live according to His purpose.
We encourage students to be excellent in their studies, organizational involvement and even in their own families.

Here is a testimony video of who we are as Every Nation Campus and the stories of different studies whose lives we've impacted:

You can be a vital part of the team!

For 15-20 minutes of your time, I would love to meet you personally and share more stories and also, answer your queries. You may message me at facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mgelocara) or through my email (meg.locara@everynationcampus.org)

Let's change the campus and change the world!

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Meg Locara

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