Instax instant photos, instant fun

How do we establish Instax as a "must-have" for college students?

overcoming the convenience of your phone's camera

College is commonly described as "the best four years of your life." But what makes these years the best? Is it the freedom of living on your own? Studying classes that interest you? Finding the perfect friends to fit you?

Based on our research and our understanding of college culture, whatever it is, it all revolves around the memories made. And in today's world, one based on instant gratification and the need to immediately share everything, its hard to actually remember what the real memory is when we are so focused on what is shared.

College Culture

  • Age: 18-22
  • Social media centered to share their best self, life and memories

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Posts include:

  • Holiday themes
  • Tips & Tricks
  • professional blog posts
  • DIY photo album
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  • Impressions from photographers
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  • Shares Facebook posts and Instagram photos
  • Retweets consumer's tweets with their photos and ideas
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  • Average number of likes recently: over 2,000



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  • Boards include pictures of people, traveling, college dorms, color themes, style inspiration, seasons, events and gift and DIY ideas

Demographic Base

  • Artistic
  • Male or female, ages 15-50
  • Mostly young females
  • Like to capture food, scenery, traveling, friends, family and pets
  • Always seeking inspiration
  • Dream big


on-the-go memory keeping
more special feeling
old-fashioned and vintage
easily accessible for spontaneous moments when you want to be able to display a photo
puts the fun back in taking pictures
not a toy, but a tool

Key Questions

a survey conducted based on 51 respondents

  1. Please list age, gender, and college.
  2. What are your hobbies/what do you like to do with your time?
  3. What is your purpose of photography/what role does it play in your life? When are specific times when you want to photograph?
  4. What do you do with your pictures? We all have 1000s on our phones… do you go back and look at them or is it just nice to have them?
  5. Do you have a need for a separate camera from your phone or digital camera? If so, why? When is a time to have or carry a separate camera from your phone?
  6. Do you ever use print photography? Why do you print pictures out? What do you do with them?
  7. When would you want an instant, tangible picture?
  8. What is your initial reaction to polaroid cameras?
  9. What is holding you back from buying one?
  10. What are the benefits of instant photography compared to social media/sharing online?


  • Hobbies include socializing, traveling, sports, eating, going out and the outdoors
  • Occasions for photography: trips, family gatherings, holidays, spending time with friends, important events or doing something "cool"
  • Photos are "nice to just have," for sharing on social media or with family and friends or looking at
  • Respondents would only use a separate camera from their phone for special occasions in need of better quality pictures
  • Print photography is used for framing, photo books, scrapbooks, crafting, decorating or gifts
  • 35% described Instax using the word "cool"
  • However, 61% mentioned cost as a drawback to purchasing one

Respondent Quotes

I'm the only person who gets to interpret it and it's only my happiness
I feel as if instant photography is more intimate since those pictures are more candid and less calculated than those we share on social media.
Instant photography delivers a real life, tangible photo [as] a way for you to keep [it] in your life and constantly be reminded of
You appreciate them for yourself as opposed to getting the approval of others
It makes memories more real and make for a good keepsake. You also don't have to monitor what you instantly print like you do social media and anything else online.
Instant photography is tangible. It's kind of like a handwritten card compared to a text, it's feels more personal and meaningful. It's taking a break from the technological world we live in, and physically holding a memory or story. It feels real.

What is the real objective?

Fulfilling a need for instant, untouched photography in a digital world.


Meet Sally, she is freshly twenty-one. She is tan from spending all of her time outdoors. On her wrist is a sun and moon tattoo. This represents her boldness and how she sees the light in dark times. Her favorite accessories are her chacos and her friendship bracelets. Sally is always looking for a new adventure and constantly searching for her next thrill. Her latest trip was to the National Championship game in Phoenix, Arizona to watch her Clemson Tigers play. She flew to Denver, Colorado where she had a ten-hour layover. This was perfect for her. She traveled the city, ate at a family run pub and mingled with the locals. Once arriving in Phoenix, she began asking around to find the best places to hike. Sally spent two days wandering around the desert and taking pictures with her Instax mini camera. Her favorite memory was being able to give the pictures taken to the people she met.

What Instax does for Sally

Meet Jennifer, she is twenty-three years old but her friends jokingly call her fifty. She loves to help people and is always prepared for the unexpected. Her purse consists of snacks, Band-Aids, a few hair ties, occasionally a screwdriver and her wallet. Jen is the mom of the group. She is the person people run to for help. She is honest, loyal and caring. She has a special way about her that makes you feel comfortable and safe. She is the kind of person who would rather give a gift than to receive one. She leaves notes for her roommates telling them to have a great day, good luck on tests or just that they are beautiful. She is an old soul. One of Jen's favorite things is sitting on her front porch with hot green tea and a book. She spends most of her summers overseas volunteering in orphanages. Seeing the smile on childrens' faces is what makes her heart beat. Before her trips she stocks up on Polaroid film. She never leaves without her Instax mini camera. She says the look on the children's faces when she takes a picture with them is the most rewarding part. Jen leaves the pictures with the children so they have something to look at and hold on to.

What Instax does for Jennifer

Meet Allison, a super involved college junior. She loves social events and staying busy. She is very school spirited; one of her favorite things in the fall is football games. She loves staying involved with the school and helping out through involvement in student government. Her and her boyfriend, Joe, enjoy going downtown for bingo night and attending concerts. She lives on a normal college budget and spends her nights watching Hulu with her friends or going out. She is very active on social media, her favorites being Instagram and Snapchat. She is in Delta Gamma and is in charge of the sorority's social media and taking pictures at events. She loves taking pictures with her Instax Mini camera at her sorority or various social activities and hanging them up in the house. Allison also takes pictures with her boyfriend so she can look back at them and remember how much fun they had. She prefers her Instax mini camera over other cameras because she can instantly print the picture and live in the moment.

Three totally different people but all leave their mark for the experience, for the memory and for the authenticity.

Brand Story

When I’m trying to make the most of my college experience,

I want to capture my favorite, raw moments

so I can instantly have tangible memories to hold onto.

Communications Platform

Phones enable us to capture multitudes of pictures of the same "memory" and pick the best version of it, but Fujifilm is now bringing the originality back to memories. The Instax Mini 8 enables you to capture what is worth remembering in life in one, unique, tangible moment.

starting a new movement

  • Bringing originality back to a photography culture based on digital edits and perceptions
  • Putting tangibility and intimacy back into capturing memories
  • Quality over quantity


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