ABC's of Africa cierra Callahan

A is for Africa!!!!Africa is the world's second largest continent and it is the continent we are doing our project on!


B is for battle!A battle is a sustained fight between large,organized armed forces!Two globally important battles took place in Africa!It means something since many battles have took place but to have GLOBALLY IMPORTANT battles happen in Africa

C is for Cocobeans! Cocobeans are the seed of a tropical tree that is used in making cocoa,chocolate,and cocoa butter.West Africa collectively supplies two thirds of the world's cocoa crop.

D is for droughts.!Droughts are periods of time when little rain falls,crops are damaged.Areas in Africa farther from the equator are much drier and sesonal droughts are common.

E is for escarpment!long steep slopes,especially one at the edge of the plateau of seperating. The Great Escarpment is a major geological formation in Africa.

many people face a famine and some reasons to that in general are crop failure,population imbalance and government policies. famine is a shortage of food and many people in Africa face it.

G is for geothermal energy!Geothermal energy is prduced from the heat of Earth's interior.Kenya's economy benefits from another natural resource which is geothermal energy.

H is for Horn of Africa!This is a peninsula in Northeast Africa.this is related to the topic because it is a peninsula that is located in Africa.

I is for Islam!That isd a religion of Muslims ,a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through the muhammad as prophet of Allah.

J is for Jade Jade is a green stone used for ornaments and implements and consisting of the minerals jadelite and neprite.(I did my best on the last word)Jade is found in Africa.

K is for kente!! This is a brightly colored material made in China.It is the icon of African cultural heritage.

L is for Lake Victoria! This is one of the lakes in the African Great Lakes.It was named after Queen Victoria by explorer John Hamming Speke.Its connection to Africa is that it is one of the Great Lakes in Africa.

M is for Mosque.A muslim place of worship,Islam is the largest religion in Africa,they're called muslms and this is where they worship.

N is for Niger River!This is the longest river in the world at 6,853 km long.It is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa.

Orange River is my O!this is a river that is 2,1000 km (1,305 mi) long.It is enxtinsively used for irrigation.It is the longest river in South Africa.Located in Lesotho, South Africa, and Namibia flowing southwest, northwest, and west to the Atlantic Ocean.

P is for Periodic Market!This is set up 1 to 2 times a week.In rural areas ,people trade agricultural,and other products in there markets.

something that i could see being in a periodic market as there is no picture of one.

Q is for Quedini Forest! A less densely populated forest,with magnificent trees,uncommon species,and a lot of rare forest birds.It is a forest located in Africa.

R is for rift valleys!Planes on Earth's Surface where the crust stretches until it breaks.East Africa's rift valleys cut from north to south across the region.

S is for silent barter!SHHH!oops I yelled that,shhhh,much better.A silent barter is the process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting eachother.In Africa,the exchange of gold and salt follows this project.

T is for townships!I am not talking about the school townships or a town inside a ship either.This township is where blacks had to live,these were seperate areas which were crowded tiny homes.

tiny home

U is for Umbrella Thorn Acacia.A combination of hooked and straight thorns with rough,grey bark.These are trees that you can find in Africa but be warned about touching them,that might just hurt.

V is for veld.This is an open grassland area.A large savana region that covers much of Southern Africa.Short trees and shrubs grow in these grassyplains.

W is for water.This is a colorless,transparent,oderless,tasteless liquid that forms the seas,lakes,rivers,and rain.Many bodies of water either surround or fond in Africa.Spme like the orange and niger river are found on this very page!

X is for Xhosa!That is a Bantu ethnic group of Southern africa.This is a tribe in Africa.


Y is for Yaka.Yaka is a Bantu language.This is a language spoken in Africa,so it makes me wonder,did the Xhosa tribe speak it?


Z is for all done!Wait,that isn't right,z is for Zonal,which means organized by zone.Regions of West Africa,geographers,are "zonal."

I could not find a picture but zone made me think that this place is organized into a drug free zone so there is a good picture to get us thinking about it.


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