Musical Instrument Invention By : Alice chanter

We were given an assignment to create a musical instrument of our choice, for a shadow puppet performance. My partner and I decided to make an instrument called MPI, MPI stands for Multi Purpose Instrument. The reason we called our instrument MPI is because there are numerous ways that you can make sounds using our invention.

We came up with this idea because we wanted people to be able to use MPI for multiple scenes during the performance. We also wanted to create a compact yet multi sound instrument.

One of the main feature of our invention are the tools that can be used to play MPI. There are a total of four tools, including the string plucker's, drumming stick, string hitters and the finger plucks.

I am most proud of the construction execution of our instrument, because I mainly came up with the idea for the instrument and my partner came up with the idea for tools. MPI not only has strings and drums, but it also has a small compartment draw on the bottom, to hold all the necessary tools to play this instrument.

At first we were contemplating what material we should use for our strings, we wanted the strings make the most noise possible while still sounding in tune. We finally decided to use rubber bands. They can be a little unreliable because they snap a lot, but they made the most sound out of floss, wire, hair ties, yarn and lanyard.

We made multiple tools for our instrument, so we had to find a place to hold them. I decided to make a compartment at the bottom the bottom the instument. The compartment was big enough to hold all our tools and string replacements and had some room to spare.

I learned that it is helpful to have a partner who is equally enthusiastic and motivated to create the invention. It was also helpful to have a partner that I could rely on, and be sure they would complete their part of the project.

I could learn how to use and improve my skills on more advanced tools, so for future inventions instead of making a messy prototype, I could try to make an actual product. I would probably need some instructions on how to use the more advanced tools, including saws, etc.

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