Hi, I'm Izzy Gut. I'm a Chicago-based multimedia artist with an eye for detail and a heart of gold. Everything fascinates me, and I love creating art of all kinds. I especially enjoy writing songs, telling visual stories through photo and video projects, and connecting with others. My sense of humor, willingness to learn, and drive for adventure are the three core elements that define my personality.

My experience includes intensive writing, creative direction, copy editing, graphic design, content creation/management, photography, video, event planning, and social media. I'm incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about feminism, social issues, music, movies, books, health, culture, design, and fashion - and I'm always looking to improve.

I constantly strive to surround myself and work with equally ambitious people. I'm not intimidated by anything, and I'm always up for a challenge.

Below you will find my portfolio and contact information.

Promotional graphics for GOTRC's new panel event series that I created
T-shirt design for one of GOTRC's merchandise offerings
Graphic from social media campaign to promote GOTRC's annual fall fundraiser
Photo & Creative Direction credit: Izzy Gut
Photo & Creative Direction credit: Izzy Gut
Photo credit: Izzy Gut
Photo & Creative Direction credit: Izzy Gut
Photo credit: Izzy Gut
Created By
Izzy Gut

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