My Life

I was born in 1918 on march 20. I went to school for 9 years and i dropped out. I started to play baseball. I played my entire life. After trying and trying to join a team i was excepted by the St. Louis cardinals.I played until 1941 when drafted into war. I was up to fight for my country.I made it through boot camp and after that I got a promotion a rank up. After this we were shipped out to Africa. We were pushing Italy out of Africa. I had gone through 9 missions here in Africa when i was sent to the forces that were about to attack Normandy beaches. As we went in. There were bullets flying,fire burning,Explosions.All you could do was run.I ran and ran until i got to cover. I reached a bunker and destroyed it with the Nazi inside of it. after about that 30 minutes of non stop fighting about half the Germans had given up. Another 30 minutes came by we had won the battle. I was all over but i had gotten injured so i got sent home. Well i was home i became a boot camp drill instructor. David passed away in 1964.

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