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Sugata Mitra’s TED talk, Build a School in a Cloud, was an excellent resource to start the course. In his talk he says, “[the education system] is outdated” (Mitra, 2013). At the same time, Kam Cheong Li’s article explains how technology is changing in three areas of education: learning space, learning modes, and learning materials (Li, 2015). I agree. We live in an age where knowledge can easily be accessed. We can learn almost everything anywhere we want --it’s great! For example, sometimes I would Flip the Classroom (teaching strategy). I would record the lesson (PowerPoint, Video, etc.), students watch it at home, and this allows the student and I to work on applying the knowledge. The school I am currently teaching at encourages teachers to use more technology in the classroom. Every teacher has their own i-Pad mini, an EPSON smart board, laptop, and we even have a green room. However, when we incorporate technology in the classroom, we need to find a meaningful way to incorporate it and not use it to substitute paper.

It is unfortunate that not everyone has the privilege to experience technology-mediated learning. For example, low-income families may not be able to afford it. Students who are rich are given more opportunities and better equipment to prepare them for jobs and knowledge that have yet to be constructed. Secondly, teachers, administration, and parents all have to have the same ideologies and expectations of what the education system should look like. For example, this year I bought a sewing machine for my classroom because students showed interest in learning more about costuming. However, the principal was hesitant to approve it because of the image the school. He said the school is more focused on literacy than trades. At the same time, the school I am teaching at is in Asia, and Asian parents have a different perspective of schooling. They believe in the importance of languages, math, and science. Therefore, it is a community effort to make education great again.


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