Mao Zedong By Tana

The Life of a Tyrant

Mao Zedong was born December 26, 1893 in Shaoshan, Hunan. He was the son of a wealthy farmer and early on he adopted his outlook he carried with him to office; anti-imperialist outlook and chinese Nationalist. He was influenced greatly by the Xinhai Revolution in 1911 along with the May Fourth Movement of the same year. He went on to live his life of becoming a leader of china and an individual known for many talents, but we all bite the dust. He died in September of 1973.

The Rise to Power

Mao spent 22 years in wilderness after joining up with the KMT. This time was divided into four parts: Success in Guerilla Warfare, Founding the chinese Soviet Republic. After that a few years went by and the power got stronger, along with the rise of the Nationalist party. Mao was the first person of the Communist Party to join the Nationalist party.He became the head chairmen for china. Soon from there he formed the People's Republic of China. He started having issues with Russia after his gain to power. A 5 year plan was made with Russia to form an alliance of power. This started to lead Mao on his descent into possible socialism, which lead to his downfall and then death.


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