Too much sugar is a bad thing Here's why...

For most people a little added sugar is fine. But too much of it could make us want more sugar and that could lead to serious illnesses.

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that grown ups eat no more than six teaspoons (women), and nine teaspoons (men) of sugar each day. Children up to 18 years should have less than six teaspoons of added sugar daily to keep their hearts healthy. Yes, you read it right, leas than six teaspoons a day!

How much sugar do you eat?

There’s always a chance that they are easily eating more than this and it can lead to all sorts of problems with our teeth and hearts. There are 11 teaspoons of sugar in one can of fizzy drink, which is almost double the daily sugar allowance. In fact, that is as much as in sugar one orange, 16 strawberries and two plums combined!

11 spoons of sugar in a fizzy drink puts you, your teeth & heart at risk.

Eating too much added sugar over a long period of time also make you gain more weight, which in turn can lead to other medical problems. So, go easy on the sugar and stay healthy!

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