Science of Virology By zach stickley

-Virology is the study of viruses and the process of how they infect our bodies.

-Viruses can come in many shapes and sizes.

-The main role/job of a virus is to deliver its DNA or RNA genome into the host cell it is infecting.

-Once a virus infects a cell the virus makes copies of itself using its host (the cell).

-A virus can not reproduce outside it's host.

-Viruses can infect people through the nose, mouth or breaks in the skin.

-When a virus attacks a cell the cell creates antibodies to fight off the Viruses.

-An antibody can attach itself onto some viruses and follow them on their path to infecting a cell.

-Once the virus enters the cell, antibodies can trigger an immune response while inside the cell, killing the virus without damaging the cell.

-The main protein in cells is called TRIM21. The job of this protein is activating the destruction of the virus once it's inside the cell.

-When scientist increased the amount of TRIM21 in the cell, the destruction would happen quicker and more easily.

-Once an antibody targets a specific virus it will only target that virus.

-Since the HIV virus was discovered there has been no way to kill the virus once it infects the host.

-There has been a recent discovery that an antibody that can kill HIV.

-The only downside with this discovery is that the antibody is created 5 or more years after HIV infects the body.

With this discovery scientist will most likely be able to find a cure/way to kill HIV in no time.

After an antibody kills the virus it is tracking, it looks for another virus of that same type to track and kill.

Once a virus is programmed to track a type of virus it always tracks that kind of virus because our body can make so many types of antibodies to track and kill countless amounts of viruses.

Just one virus is needed to infect a host because that single virus can copy itself so fast.


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