Cheerleading By Giovanna ange

If your interested in cheerleading and wanna know so much about it then read the history,benefits,types of stunts then you keep reading! Also if you wanna to doCheer you will know more about how cheer works,some of the stunts and some of the benefits of cheerleading. Cheerleading has a very very interesting history to it. ,

Cheerleading history

Cheerleading has a very long history. One boy started cheerleading he was the first guy to be a cheerleader because he was the person who made cheerleading.Cheerleading has a very long history.Cheerleading has a very long history.You would never believe that cheerleading was born in minisota it was the first place to have cheerleading become so popular.In the 1980's some boys had to go to the army so girls took over while the boys were in the army fighting it was the first time girls started cheerleading.A person named Herkie helped form the Nca (national cheerleading acciation)

Here's a little cheerleader

Cheerleaders doing an stunt

Types of stunts

There's a lot of stunts like for example bear sit,pyramid,scorpion,basket toss,one man and a lot others.There's a bear sit the bear sit is where you have all the spotters but u help them put the flyer into the bear sit so you have them you put the flyer in the middle andalso the back spotter has to let the let the flyer sit in their hands while catching them in their hands,the side spotters have to hold the legs.the pyramid ls whereYou stack cheerleaders three go on the bottom two are in the middle one is on top or you can put in more cheerleaders. There's a stunt called the one man where

only one person holds the flyer and they have to be really careful or else the flyer would get hurt really bad. There's a stunt that is my favorite I loved it ever since I

was little it's called the basket toss I loved it my older cousin would always do it's easy to explain. For the basket toss you throw them in the air and they do a flip or

jump while their in the air and then you have to catch them and do not let them hit the floor.

Here's an example of one of the stunts

Cheerleading benefits

There are many benefits in becoming a cheerleader . One benefit of cheerleading is that you can get very very strong because your picking up a person to put in the airso it helps you get stronger. Your getting healthier by moving and jumping around because it makes your your heart pump blood more. Another way is that cheercan help so your not bored cause you might have friends on your cheer team or you can make new friends and it's like your almost at home with all your friendsgetting ready to start cheer for the first time. One other benefit is that you get to do fun stuff and get outside more it's nice to get outside instead of being stuck inside all day.


I think cheerleading is so much fun to learn about cause your cheering on people. Cheerleading makes you feel good inside because your cheering someone on and it is good to cheer on others. It can make you have some friends and then you won't be so shy as much.


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