SEEING GOD as god is so no more harangues in the name of God

Have you wondered why Jesus is so often portrayed as a Palestinian Guy? If Jesus came among us today, He would surely look like one of us and be dressed in our gear. Jesus is who Jesus is. He is also the accurate portrayal of our Father. Jesus is also incarnated by His Spirit in us - particularly so in those who take His Name.


A warped Jesus leads to a distorted life

God is portrayed by Jesus and Jesus is who Jesus is as the I AM of Himself. He will reveal Himself to all who desire to know Him. Never seen clearly by those who settle for a view of Him through religion, Jesus reveals Himself clearly to those who seek to know Him. David knew God in the Old Testament. God is clearly seen in His Son in the New Testament. It is very rewarding to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to us as He is.

Where the good things are..

Cut Him some Slack

God is not the ogre some have made God out to be. He’s not austere and not a male Queen Victoria who is ‘not amused’ as many good people think Him to be. The religion in which we are absorbed in His name often has scant similarity to the delights of His fellowship – not because we are not sombre enough but because we are too religious by far. Some versions of our ‘god’ are closer to Islam’s god than we may want to admit and we may need to investigate where some of Islam’s ideas came from . Yet our God is better than un-gloomy. He is the fullness of life itself as has been captured in the celebrated toast and jam scenes found in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Christ in you.

The love of life comes from the Trinity

Life for life's sake

Yet our God is more than a God of gastronomic comfort and fun. There is nothing effete about Him. The joy of dwellings, sensuousness and eroticism and the richness of landscape originates in the fellowship of the trinity as the writings of Solomon’s Song attest. If you have a passion for life and desire to sup on its delights, know that this desire comes from one place: The heart of God and the hub that we call the trinity.

The God who loves is the God who loves life

We come to know God through Jesus Christ. To see Jesus is to see our Father, which is why we need to see a real Jesus and divest ourselves any encrustation that is a ‘religious Jesus.’ Any religious notion that compartmentalises God off from any aspect of life does not come from Him. But it may well be an example of Neo-Platonism - the mind good the body bad view that plagues many religions.

A Real Jesus makes for a Real Self

We know that Jesus is personable because kids sat on His knees and ordinary folks loved to be with Him – as do the inhabitants of heaven. A man having an operation has a vision while under the anaesthetic. Jesus asks him what he had been doing with His life. The man listed off a bunch of career type things. Jesus laughed. No, no He said, ‘How have you been doing at becoming yourself?’ Here is an amiable Jesus who is fully human and fully God directing a son along the path that will bring him great satisfaction and joy.

Ordinary folks loved to be with Jesus and He with them..

“Good souls many will one day be horrified at the things they now believe of God.’

These words of George MacDonald have found their fulfillment in Brad Jersak’s journey from the ‘volatile moral monster’ to the face of Jesus’ Father. The book, "A More Christlike God" (1) is a priceless treasure, worthy of serious reflection. Here the ancient song of light sings us new eyes: “Behold the Lamb, just like his Father.” Here we are invited to take sides with Jesus against the way we see [Christ], expanding our minds, as St. Hilary said, until they are worthy of the theme, that we may live in Jesus’ world.” — C. Baxter Kruger.

You are commissioned to multiply Jesus through yourself into the world by being your real self in Jesus.

God is alive with life and God lives in you so that you will be alive with His spirit and life

There is a lot of suffering in the world and much sin but God is neither obsessed with sin or defined by his healing of suffering. He heals and transforms because He loves life and is life. In Him is life and that life is the light of the world.

There's more of God in a homely pie than many a harangue given in the name of God.

(1) Jersak, Bradley. A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel . CWR Press. Kindle Edition.

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