Island Pond District High School How one small pond can change education

Mission Statement: Island Pond District High School offers a diverse nature of courses and activities that create responsible citizens who are active in their community. We aim to teach students to collaborate and learn beyond the classroom. We celebrate student diversity and value their individual achievements and contributions to our school.

We believe that each student is unique and we encourage students to pursue their own interests while also being exposed to a diverse foundation of knowledge. Students graduate from IPDHS with knowledge in multiple areas and are well-prepared for the 21st century world they will face beyond high school.

Many high school students feel uncomfortable at school. They do not value their education because what they are learning seems irrelevant to life beyond the classroom. It can seem like high school is a waste of time. At IPDHS, we hear students voices and aim to create an environment that fosters a lifelong love for learning. We create a learning environment that promotes student growth and prepares them for life after graduation.

Students at IPDHS participate in discussions where they get to voice their ideas on complex global issues. Students share their own opinion without fear of being judged by their peers and teachers. At IPDHS, we believe that each student has something positive to contribute and we provide an opportunity to hear all of their voices.

By graduation, each student is a clear and effective communicator. This skill is one of the several transferable skills that all students acquire by graduation. We focus on collaboration and communication because these skills are not only critical in all job fields, but doing so allows students to accomplish more that they would alone.

IPDHS offers a diverse range of courses. We believe that students should stray from the standard curriculum and explore their own unique interests. We accommodate all of our students' interests by offering as many courses in as many areas as possible.

IPDHS has the honor of being located right by Island Pond. Every student is required to participate in at least one course that incorporates the pond. This allows students to learn from their own community and become more responsible citizens.

Island Pond provides students with the opportunity to perform scientific research studies. This allows students to learn about ecological and biological concepts while also teaching them about their local community.

Island Pond does not only provide opportunities in scientific areas. We offer art courses that have students study the connection between nature and art. This provides students with a local understanding of their own pond as well as a global connection to famous artists.

At IPDHS, teachers are partners in the learning process. Students and teachers work alongside one another to achieve academic goals. Teachers guide students to where they need to be through a relationship of mutual respect. Our teachers are willing to cater to students needs by putting in whatever amount of time is necessary.

Our philosophy is that all students are capable of whatever they set their mind to. We encourage our students and teachers to have growth mindsets. At IPDHS, we view challenges as ways to grow. We do not see failure as limiting. Instead we understand that valuable learning comes from making mistakes and improving upon them. To learn more about the growth mindset watch the video below.

We understand that high school can be a challenging time but we hope that with our diverse and interesting curriculum, students can truly thrive. We hope that you consider attending IPDHS because we value every student that walks through our doors. For more information, follow the link to our website below.

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