POLICE BRUTALITY in the united states

Police abuse is a sort of discrimination. It is the deliberate use of force, usually physical, during law enforcement activities. Police brutality is unjust because it treats people unfairly by using too much violence during an arrest.

First, there are a lot of different types of police brutality. The chart shown below indicates the percentage, amount of different types of police arrests. As you can see, the yellow part represents the arrests using handcuffs, which is about 2/3 thirds of the chart. The other 1/3 third represents arrests using a weaponless tactic, a weapon, threats or shouts.

In addition, some statistics show that 50 percent of people killed by police were armed, 20 percent were unarmed and the other 30 percent were other specific cases. In conclusion, about more than one person out of five is killed for no reason. The statistics are shown in the graph below.

The other chart shown below shows the percentage of unjustified use of violence during a law enforcement incident. As you can see, about 35 percent of all the arrests done by police show police brutality which is a very high number.

A very important question to think about is: Is police brutality targeting specific ethnic groups? The answer is yes, there are much more black people injured by law enforcement than white. The graph below indicates the difference between Black, Hispanic and White people injured by an arrest. In addition, only 13 percent of black people live in the US and 62 percent are white people, which means that there is a huge difference between black and the white police brutality.

However, the answer is not completely provable because a lot of other statistics show the opposite. Nobody can be sure about the amount of black and white people injured by police. In addition, the media is sometimes exaggerating the facts.

In conclusion, Is police brutality increasing? The answer is yes, research has been done and have revealed that, since 2001, police brutality has increased.

WHAT IS MY NGO TRYING TO ACHIEVE? My NGO project is trying to:

- resolve, to stop the increase of police brutality.

- We are trying to organize demonstrations to persuade and put pressure on the US government to try to include a new law which will sanction every police officer who uses too much violence.

- We are also collecting funds to help and support the victims and their families of police abuse.

Overall, our goal is to make people aware that there is still a lot of police brutality and racism in our world and try to help the victims who are in need.

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