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Background/ Family Life

Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on May, 25 1803 in Boston Massachusetts. He was the son of William and Ruth Emerson. His father was a clergyman and he would eventually follow his path of being involved with the church. He went to the Boston Latin School, And then we continued and went to the Harvard School of Divinity. After graduating in 1821 he went on to become a licensed minister in 1826. He was ordained to the Unitarian church in 1829. He was only part of the clergy for several years before resigning due to the death of his wife, Ellen Tucker, who died in 1831. In 1834 he moved to Concord and shortly after got married to Lydia Jackson.

Style of Poetry

Throughout his career he focused heavily on different aspects of life that often get pushed into the background. In the beginning he spoke a lot about Spiritual experience and ethics. He often reached the personal side of spirituality. He gave most people their first look at non-western style of thinking and expanded the use of Asian and Middle-Eastern resources. Throughout his life he has used many styles of writing from lectures that got composed into essays and poetry. His poetry often has a rhyme scheme that makes it very smooth to read. He used a variety of different lengths. The shorter ones typically have four line stanzas and the longer ones are still divided but with much longer and varying length stanzas.

Influences on Poetry

Shortly after resigning from the church he traveled to Europe. While he was there he met with literary figures Thomas Carlyle, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Wordsworth. He returned home in 1833. He also created his own philosophy influenced by Carlyle and his negative views on hypocrisy and materialism. Upon returning home he started lecturing about topics related to spiritual experience and ethical living. In Concord he became known as "The Sage of Concord" in the local literary group. He also became the head spokesman for Transcendentalism.

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Concord massachusetts

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