X-Drive driving school

X-Drive Ijevan is a driving school + Anti Cafe. It is located in Ijevan city, Tavush Province, The Northeast Part of Armenia.

City Ijevan, Valence St. 1

X-Drive is not only good for those who wants to learn driving and get driving license, but is also a very new and creative place for everyone in the region since there is no theatre, cinema and youth centers in there. It has not been such cultural places in there since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Irina Pirumyan, 23 years old, Office Manager of X Drive + Anti Cafe

Thus, this is a very good place especially for the students of Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch as well as for the whole young people in Ijevan city and for residents of neighboring communities.

Hrachuhi Tamamyan, 19 years old, Administrator
Always friendly and happy with each guest
"There is a good place in Ijevan"

This is not just a driving school or an ordinary cafe, (you may surprised, yes, ) but an important and cozy youth place, which is a great achievement and progress in the community in order to enliven the youth, cultural life.

Driving class part
Here you make your own coffee
It become one of the favorite place for children too, especially because of this pendulum

The cafe is different from other cafes.


People here do not pay for coffee or sweets, but for time. Knowing that time is more expensive than everything else.

Here you can sit for a long time, work in a quiet environment with a computer, read. Play games with friends.

In nature. Silent. Clean Air.
Wash yourself
Let's drink.
Always happy atmosphere
Don't you have a theater in a small town? Theater will come to you ;)
Learn to Drive
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Suzanne Ghukasyan


photo credits: Syuzanna Ghukasyan