Central Dispatch CGEMC Newsletter | October 2021

Why did my power blink?

Have your lights ever blinked during a thunderstorm? Or even when there are blue skies? Perhaps you’ve noticed a blinking microwave clock when you arrive home. When this happens, you’ve likely experienced a brief interruption to your electric service.

Power blinks are brief service interruptions, but they’re typically caused by a fault (short circuit) on a power line or protective device that’s working in reaction to the fault. Faults occur for various reasons, such as small animals , invasive vegetation growth, or tree branches contacting an energized power line, lightning (even when skies are clear), or vehicles.

Any of the events noted may cause your power to blink, but you may also experience a brief interruption when protective devices, called reclosers, are working to detect the fault. Believe it or not, the brief power blinks are actually good because that means the Central Georgia EMC (CGEMC) "self-healing" system is working as it should to prevent a prolonged outage, isolating the section of the power grid where there is an issue and rerouting electricity as quickly as possible.

Report, view, and receive updates about outages through the CGEMC mobile app. Download today or call 770-775-7857 for assistance.

CGEMC Happenings

New Customer Portal Experience coming soon!

Central Georgia EMC members and Fuel Georgia customers will soon be experiencing a new Customer Portal and Payment System. The portal will retain much of the same functionality with some added features.

The portal home screen provides links to make a payment, start service, create a payment arrangement, and report an outage. In addition, customers can access account history, billing and payment history, manage alerts, set up auto-draft payments, and more.

One new feature on the portal is Quick Pay. There will be no need to log in to make a payment. Customers only need their account number and the last four digits of the telephone number on file. The system will then present the payment details, and the customer will select a payment option, then follow the prompts. It is quick and easy!

broadband update

Fiber-to-the-home update

Welcoming Connect's First Customers

Last month, Conexon began connecting its initial customers in Monroe County. The feedback provided by these customers will play a crucial role in refining services and processes to ensure a smooth and successful launch of the fiber broadband network to others.

Fiber Is More Than Fast Internet… A Lot More!

While other providers tout their fast speeds of 50–100 Mbps, Connect’s 100 percent fiber network will offer upload and download speeds that are 20 to 40 times faster—up to 2 Gigabits (2,000 Mbps). Fiber broadband from Connect, powered by Central Georgia EMC, also includes powerful parental controls, robust home network security, and more.

Preregister for Connect Service Today

Preregister today at www.conexonconnect.com/centralgeorgiaemc. Please provide your contact details and let us know what options you’re interested in. Pre-registering ensures you’ll be one of the first to know when we are near your neighborhood. It is not a commitment to subscribe to any services.

As Central Georgia EMC and Connect continue to work toward transforming our area into one of the most well-connected areas of the country, remember that the unrivaled speed and reliability of fiber is worth the wait.

Co-op kids

Celebrate Coop Month with Us!

Share this video with High School students considering their career paths. The electric cooperative industry is a great place to work!

Make improvements to your home and save energy and money with the Home Plus Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Loan Program from Go Energy Financial.

Recommended Energy Efficiency Improvements:

  • Energy Star Certified Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Insulation
  • Thermal Doors and Windows
  • Energy Star Certified High-Efficiency Electric Storage Water Heaters
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Energy Star Qualified Metal or Shingled Roofing
  • Solar PV System

All improvements must meet Energy Star criteria found at www.energystar.gov.

Fall Into Cooperative Solar!

Fall is a great time to take advantage of Georgia's "sun power" with Cooperative Solar.

Cooperative Solar allows you to reap the benefits of clean energy by adding affordable and renewable solar power to your monthly energy mix. No maintenance. No hassles. Even renters can participate!

Cooperative Solar is available in 1-kilowatt (kW) blocks at an affordable $19 per month, per block. You will receive a credit on your monthly bill for kilowatt-hours (kWh) generated by your solar energy block(s).

Call 770-775-7857 or 1-800-222-4877 to learn more about adding solar energy to your monthly energy mix.

See what a little bit of pocket change can do for your community! Join us today by simply rounding up your electric bill to the next dollar.

In September, the Central Georgia EMC Foundation awarded $15,000 in grants to charitable organizations in our territory.

Qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations in our service territory are invited to submit an application to the Central Georgia EMC Foundation.

Through Operation Round Up, our members support local organizations with a mission to make our communities even better places to live, work, and dream big. By simply rounding up your monthly electric bill to the next dollar, you can join in! Our pennies add up to make BIG CHANGE!

Qualifying organizations are invited to submit an application to the Operation Round Up Foundation. The Foundation Board will review grant requests and administer the funds, based on the merit of each grant application and available funds.

co-op connections deals

The simpler way to change filters on time, every time!

When was the last time you changed your air filters? Chances are it wasn’t recently. Regularly replacing your air filters is the best way to maintain your HVAC system, typically one of the most expensive appliances in your home.

Air Filters

With a Second Nature subscription, you will never miss a filter change again.

Co-op Connections Members can receive their first air filter shipment for free.

Fridge Filters

Protect your drinking supply with a Second Nature fridge filter subscription and taste the difference.

Co-op Connections Members receive 50 percent off their second and third shipments of fridge filters.

Add Your Local Business

Local businesses are invited to join the Co-op Connections program! Click the link below. It is simple and free!

ENERGY savings TIPs

Energy tip

Fall is a great time to replace your heavy, gas-fueled leaf blower with a rechargeable cordless model. New cordless leaf blowers are powerful and start with the squeeze of a trigger. They are also quieter than traditional gas models, lightweight, and less expensive.


Recipe of the Month

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