RMS Lusitania Created by Émile and FÉlix-Olivier

In 1906, the Lusitania was inaugurated. In 1907, the boat traveled for the first time. Finally, in 1915, the Lusitania has been sinked by a German torpido.

Positive impacts

Germany was less able to sunk american people, because if they do, U.S.A will be against Germany.

Negative Impacts

1209 people dead.

Lusitania cost 1 300 000 £ (2 185 079 $ Canadian), so they lost money



It is sunken in the Atlantic Ocean, West of Europ, near Ireland.

The St-Coleman Cathedral

This church have the biggest carillon in Europ.

The Titanic Experience

You can learn more about the Titanic. It is shown has a guided tour.

Monkstown Castle

The Monkstown Castle is in a little green place near the Monkstown village. It was built in the 14th and the 15th century. You can visit it to learn more about is history.

Saint John's Church

It is a church where you can see the cultur of Monkstown. It is a religious building.


It is situated at the East of the Atlantic Ocean. It's in Europ. It is right at the West of United-Kingdom.

Mass tourism positive aspects

It is a good boost for the economy. It is creating work for the population.

Mass tourism negative aspects

It is creating acculturation because the population sometimes have to adapt to the tourists. It is a big production of CO2 and it destroy the ecosystems.

Wath does the government can do ?

They can inform the population of the impacts of their acts.

They use the Sterling pounds.(£)

The official languages are: Irish and English.

Their is 4 609 600 people in Ireland.

The official food are: meat, fish, vegetables and cheese.

Signification of the flag:

Green: Catholics color

Red: Protestants color

White: Peace between Catholics and Protestants

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Émile Belley

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