Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By Curtis Stump

Nature on Display

This was the most appealing exhibit to me. It was a room full of different fossils of extinct animals. This exhibit is where I learned the most, I learned about species of animals that I never knew existed. One it really brings about the kid in you because checking and looking at fossils is fun activity I remember doing as a kid. It is also way more effective to be there in person because you get an actual feel for the size that the animals once were. I learned there used to be a sloth about to size of an elephant. This room is where I learned the most and was engaged the most during the entire tour of the museum.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly exhibit was the most engaging exhibit in terms of connecting with nature. You need to go through an air lock system just to safely get into the exhibit so butterfly do not get out. However, once you stepped inside you felt like you were in a totally different place. I almost forgot I was even in an exhibit. Also you feel like you are second in command. The habitat is built for the butterflies and not humans. So you feel more connected and feel like you are actually in nature because there is plenty of room to not be near humans. Also everyone was quiet and just having there own experience. This exhibit in the museum felt like nature rather than an exhibit I felt like the butterflies were in control and we were just experiencing it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This picture resembles how different the natural history museum is and how we stepped out of our ordinary lives. In our ordinary lives it is rare to even see one butterfly. We are so caught up in our lives we forgot about nature and how the world existed before we industrialized. Stepping into the butterfly exhibit we get a look of how the world might look if lived a few thousands years ago. Meaning that nature ruled and humans were just trying to survive in it. So this is why it is important we get to see how to world was and we get to appreciate not only how beautiful nature is but appreciate our lives we live now. This is what makes the Natural History museum so special.

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