Camera Deconstruction By Shalyn martinez

Casing- The casing protects the camera from being damaged. It also holds the cameras parts in place. Last, it prevents the light from coming in contact with light. It is also made of plastic so its not to expensive.

This is the backside of the casing

This is the back piece of the casing

Shutter- The shutter of the camera is a sealed box it keeps the film inside and makes sure it doesn't come in contact with light. The shutter can also open and close when picture is taken.

Lens- The lens of the camera reflects beams of light to form the imageĀ infrontĀ of it. The lens is also just a curved pice of glass.

Film- Reflects the objects light from the lens to create an image and record the color of the image. The film does all of this when the shutter opens when the photo is being taken.

Flash circuit- Exposes image with bright light to get clear picture. It also is made of multiple parts and creates the flash. The flash is when the camera flashes light on the object to make it more clear when the shutter opens.

The flash circuit is made of many different parts but mainly runs off of the battery and gas discharge tube to create the flash.

Gas Discharge tube

The gas discharge tube is made of xenon gas and a metal trigger plate hidden by reflective materials to direct the flash forward. Also conducts electrical current by moving electrons from one electrode to another causing the light photons to flash.


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