Maria Ruiz By: Julia law

When Maria was a child she and her family moved from Dr. Arroyo, Mexico to Austin Texas.
She and her family grew up on a farm with little money.
When she got married she had 9 children. 3 girls and 6 boys.

Ruiz restaurant:

The Ruiz restaurant had a lot of meaning behind it. She opened the restaurant for my grandfather.

My grandfather was the only child out of all 9 to graduate highschool.

My great grandfather wanted my grandfather to work with him, but my great grandma Maria believed in education, which is why he stayed in school.

One of the reason education was so important was because she was homeschooled by her father.

She worked many jobs just to pay for my grandfather to go to school. And when my grandfather needed money she never hesitated to give him money.

No matter what time of night it was, when the boys came in, she had food on the table.

She would make food to give people to eat if they had a big party.

Grandma maria herselF:

  • Just her personality in general was dynamite.
  • She was always making sure you were okay
  • She was the first one to correct you if you were wrong
  • She was only 5" tall, but people respected her
  • She wanted you to learn, so you could teach others as well
"One thing is, she was admired by everybody she met. You never doubted for a second that she loved you"
"She did it, not only because she had to, but because she wanted to."
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Julia Law

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