Great Blue Heron A City Bird


Just like humans Jack Russells come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Jack Russells fur makes up most of their appearance, because if you were ever to see one you would notice this first. Jack Russells’ come in colors such as: black, white, brown, orange, gray, and much more. But not all the colors of the rainbow! Their fur can either be wired or smooth and some dogs have spots. The next, thing that makes up Jack Russells’ appearance are their tails. Jack Russells’ can have short stubby tails, average sized tails, or long curled tails.The last thing that makes up Jack Russells’ appearance is their size, it really depends on the dog you are looking at. Some are really small, others are on the smaller side, and some are medium sized.


Jack Russells have hunting in their blood. They have special tails that were meant for their owners/ the hunters to yank them out of rabbit holes when the Jack Russells were out catching them. If your dog is outside and sees a rabbit or any other small mammal, the animals are in danger. But don’t worry because Jack Russells don’t rip apart their prey and feast on it! Just like any other dog they eat 2 servings of of dog cible ,one in the morning and one at night, and beg for food from your dinner table.(The amount of food you feed your dog depends on their size and the brand of dog food you feed them is up to you.)


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